SEO Packages Dubai: What’s Best for Your Business?

In a Nutshell

This article explores a great deal of information regarding SEO packages Dubai and hints at solutions to drive organic traffic and enhance online presence. It also explains the advantages of getting the right SEO packages for a given business in Dubai.  

Here is a well-known fact – Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is a highly critical aspect of digital marketing. Let’s say that you have a business in Dubai that needs to enhance its online visibility and get more traffic to your website. For this, rely on SEO. 

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Behold – The BIG Question 

So, you are a business in Dubai that offers custom website solutions and is seriously considering SEO. Perhaps the biggest question that you need to ask yourself is, “How much will it cost?” As it turns out, answering this question depends on a host of factors. This includes the particular needs of your business, the provider’s reputation and experience, and the overall level of service provided. 

As you will see, this blog takes into account the costs and benefits related to the SEO packages Dubai phenomenon and what a given business entity can expect to pay. Let’s look at an average assumption. The SEO prices range from 4,5000 AED to 6,500 AED.  

Business owners interested in SEO should understand that on average, an SEO package’s actual cost could vary depending on a host of factors. Additionally, business owners should be happy to know that an SEO package’s cost is deemed as an investment towards the long-term success of their business. This is why it should be taken in the context of the return on investment that it presents. 

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Broken Link Checking 





Speed Optimisation 





Backlink Analysis 





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Prices (Monthly) 

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AED 10000 

AED 12000 

What Affects the Cost of SEO Packages Dubai 

Alas, many businesses fail to grasp a proper understanding of SEO price in Dubai. This has the potential to negatively impact their overall business activities. This is exactly why the factor of SEO pricing Dubai is highlighted by industry experts present in Dubai, UAE. Some positive news for the Dubai-based businesses here is that they can very easily get accustomed to the factors that affect the SEO packages Dubai. Let’s look at these factors in more detail. Optimistically, this information is great for those seeking affordable SEO services for small businesses: 

The Service Level 

A given SEO package can belong to a host of ranges, such as basic and comprehensive. The sort of services offered will usually correspond to the package’s cost. Of course, a comprehensive package will be costlier than a basic one. 

The Reputation and Experience of Providers 

Various reputed SEO providers in Dubai that boast their professional records will charge a higher SEO price in Dubai than the lesser achievers. If the lesser achievers go on to attain a better experience or higher repute, they will also raise their SEO pricing Dubai. 

Business Requirements 

A business’s needs directly impact its decision to go with SEO packages Dubai. Let’s say that you represent a complex business entity or that you have a large website. This means that you will demand greater time and resources for SEO when compared to a small website. 

Competing Factors 

Your industry’s competition level is also related to your SEO expenses. Perhaps you are associated with an immensely competitive industry. This means you need more time and resources to attain your goals. Therefore, you need to invest more in SEO packages. 

The Contract Duration 

The SEO packages Dubai usually get offered on a contractual term. Here, the providers could present contracts that may range from the starting limit of 3 months and can go to 12 months. Note that if the contract is longer, it most likely means that there will be a lower monthly fee. However, the package’s total cost is likely to be big. 

Add-On Services 

Various SEO service providers could offer add-on services that you can use as part of your package. This includes social media management or content marketing. No doubt, such services will be immensely beneficial, but they will put a significant amount of costs on your budget.  

SEO Costs and the Service Level Offered 

Hurray, you figured out what affects the cost of SEO packages. Now, let’s advance in on that knowledge and see the general SEO costs and their associated service levels: 

Basic Packages 

The basic SEO packages Dubai commonly feature only the essential services, such as basic link building, on-page optimisation, and keyword research. Usually, these packages are ideal for any business that has a limited budget. The basic SEO packages Dubai can start from around AED 500 and go as much as AED 2000 monthly. 

Mid-Level Packages 

Let’s assume that your business has a rather good budget or demands more than the basic SEO work, such as social media management, content optimisation, and advanced link building. This means that you should go with a mid-level SEO package, which can cost somewhere between AED 2,000 to AED 4,000 monthly. 

Comprehensive Package 

A comprehensive SEO package includes a wide range of services, including social media management, content marketing, advanced link building, in-depth keyword research, and advanced on-page optimisation. Commonly, such packages are ideal for large organisations or companies that are in competitive industries. A comprehensive SEO package can incur a cost that ranges somewhere from AED 4,000 to AED 10,000 monthly. 

Custom Packages 

This is where things get a bit tricky as the customised SEO packages Dubai are made as per the particular needs of a business. This package can feature a blend of comprehensive and basic SEO services. Usually, any such package is great for those businesses that have special SEO needs or those that demand a rather personalised approach to SEO. Additionally, a customised SEO package’s cost can vary, and this depends on the service level offered. 

Advantages of SEO Packages Dubai 

So far, we established that SEO is a long-term process. This means that if you want to see tangible results, then you are likely to wait for months. This begs the question – what are some of the most obvious advantages of SEO? Well, here are some points that better reply to this query: 

More Website Traffic 

SEO aids in driving more traffic to a company’s website. This will then allow the company to enjoy greater levels of leads and sales. 

Enhanced Online Visibility 

SEO allows a given business to enhance its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). This means that the potential customers will be able to easily find the business’s website. 

Superior User Experience 

SEO goes on to optimise a website for users and search engines. This will ultimately give a superior user experience and a higher engagement on a particular site. 

Better Search Engine Rankings 

This is a massive plus point of SEO. When your business optimises its site for today’s leading search engines, it improves its search engine rankings. As a result, it increases its chances of being found by potential customers. 


SEO is generally considered to be a highly cost-effective method of driving traffic to a website, as compared to various forms of digital marketing, like paid advertising. As a result, the website will be in a better position to generate sales and leads. 

Some Thoughts 

Any business that is about to go for an SEO service provider should do a good amount of research on the relevant matter. This will allow the business to better come to terms with a service that has a successful track record. If this is your business, then you can go with those providers that enjoy a good number of positive testimonials and reviews from happy clients. You should also go with a provider that has a satisfactory niche or industry-related experience. 

This is not it. Businesses in Dubai should opt for providers that offer clear communication and transparent pricing throughout their SEO practices. Therefore, any given business must do its homework well prior to going through the SEO packages Dubai. 

Lastly, take note of the fact that FuturByte is a reputed web development company that enjoys a global client base. They would love to assist you with SEO matters, so contact them today.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain the cost of SEO packages in Dubai?

This question is often asked by professionals from those companies that are just looking to invest in SEO services. A simple answer to this question is that the price may vary depending on the nature of the SEO packages Dubai. For instance, a basic-level SEO package may start from AED 500, whereas the cost of a comprehensive package may start from AED 4,000. 

Can you provide details on the types of SEO packages?

Usually, you will notice that there are three types of SEO packages Dubai. These are namely Basic, Mid-Level, and Comprehensive. The more advanced package you select, the more features it will offer. For instance, a basic package will be able to target only the local businesses with a selected number of keywords. Comparatively, the comprehensive package will feature advanced services, such as social media management. 

I want to choose an SEO package. What things should I consider while selecting?

There are a host of things that you need to consider while going for the right SEO package. This includes your overall competition level, website size, organisational objective, and the existing budget. On top of all of this, it is extremely important for you to work with an agency that presents clear communication alongside transparent reporting.  

Can I get guaranteed results from the basic SEO packages?

It is important to highlight here that SEO is commonly deemed as an ongoing process. This means that if you want to witness robust results, then you may have to wait a while. Having stated this, there is no denying the fact that the right basic SEO package can give you good results, especially with regard to improvement in organic traffic and website visibility. 

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