What is the Epic System for Healthcare? – The Features, Benefits & More

In a Nutshell

The Epic System is a leading cloud-based solution in healthcare, offering Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) tailored to diverse specialties. Widely adopted across various healthcare settings, from small practices to large hospital systems, Epic enhances healthcare operations, emphasizes remote care, and boosts patient engagement. It features essential EHR capabilities, customizable modules, and a comprehensive patient portal with telehealth functionalities.

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The Epic System for Healthcare stands as a remarkable and distinguished tech solution within the industry. If you want to have a good understanding of it, its benefits and other details, then this blog is a must-read for you. First, let’s have a look at its simple definition. Epic is a renowned cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic medical records (EMR) solution that serves varying specialties. Today, Epic is used throughout many practices. This ranges from independent practices and community hospitals to multi-specialty hospital sets. Also, the Epic System for Healthcare is known to streamline healthcare operations.  

Epic presents the standard ‘essential’ EHR features. Also, it is up to the practices to include modules, which depend on the specialty. Epic puts a great emphasis on the facilitation of remote care and overall patient engagement. Additionally, Epic EHR consists of a sizable patient portal. This portal is available as a native app for iOS and Android OS, alongside various telehealth options. This includes patient monitoring features and support of video visits. 

It is pertinent to note here that the case study of Epic has inspired many who intend to create a business management system software or even learning management systems for business. 

Interesting Points Related to Epic System for Healthcare 

Epic greatly emphasizes easy integration and interoperability with third-party systems. It is well-known that Epic’s open API looks to support integration with third-party apps and software. 

Furthermore, Epic EHR is cloud-based. This means it is easily available on many devices with an internet browser. 

Defining Epic Medical Software 

It has already been understood that Epic is an electronic health records system meant for large practices and hospitals. But it must also be understood that the Epic charting system has highly important features such as patient history and medical templates. These features ensure that a healthcare provider offers quality patient care. Within an Epic EHR database system, you will find analytics and reporting functionality, as well as patient records, as part of its feature set. 

Epic has proven to be a great case study for those who intend to perform cms website development or who work for a crm software development company involved in custom erp software development. Furthermore, those involved with the development process should try to give a good amount of time to the study of Epic features. 

Epic Features 

The following are well-known Epic features that are usually highlighted by those working with Epic System for Healthcare or are looking to seek an EPIC EMR System: 

  • Billing, Appointment, and Document Management 
  • Clinical Workflow 
  • Lab Integration 
  • Insurance and Claims 
  • Patient Demographics, Portal, and History 
  • Medical Templates 
  • Reporting & Analytics 
  • Referrals & Scheduling 
  • Voice Recognition 
  • e-Prescription 

Benefits of Epic 

These are the well-known benefits of the Epic system for healthcare that are acknowledged by today’s industry specialists, critics, and others: 

Better Workflows 

Epic system combines refined work practice procedures with added customization. The result is that the users can make highly efficient workflows. Thanks to the efficient workflows, there is a faster response to issues or problems, which also means that the issues/problems can be resolved in a timely manner.  

Decreased CapEx 

The cloud provider takes care of the entire infrastructure cost. This is why when you switch to the cloud, it removes the requirement of a huge spending spree. 

Greater Compliance 

It may seem to many that the optimization process demands more work. Regardless, the fact is that it results in a lesser amount of work needed to meet compliance requirements. 

The Cost of Epic EHR 

You will find varying prices for an Epic EHR system. But if you need to know its upfront price, then this starts from $1200 and can go as much as $500,000. Here, note that $1200 is the most basic expense associated with a self-hosted system. Additionally, $500,000 is for immensely big hospitals. Some sources estimate that there are $2000 charges for training services.  

Reasons to go with Epic Healthcare Company 

You should go with Epic System for Healthcare because it enjoys a positive reputation throughout the healthcare IT industry. Today, it is being utilized by the majority of healthcare systems present throughout the United States. On top of all of this, Epic has received a number of accolades. This includes the best in KLAS. 

There are more than 250 organizations within healthcare that utilize Epic. Some estimates suggest that more than 40% of the population’s records are kept on the Epic system. 

Epic lets you utilize a single chart for a patient in every area where the person receives care. If the patient wants to get information, then this can be done with the MyChart feature. 

With an integrated system, the obvious advantage is the continuity of care, all the while high quality is maintained. Some other factors are the enhancement of communication among patients and providers and investigations not being duplicated. 

The Importance of Epic Accounts for Healthcare 

Epic accounts pave the way for an Epic System for Healthcare that could be utilized by the entire healthcare community. With an Epic account, you get a completely integrated system, and this is not something that is assembled with the aid of varying tools from a host of companies, many of which may lack efficiency. 

Concluding Remarks 

The Epic System for Healthcare, such as the EPIC EMR System, is truly revolutionary in its own regard. This is why it is even well-regarded by those who are not associated with the health industry. This includes professionals working with hrms erp software or who are working with the best mobile pos systems. 

Epic has made lives easy for today’s healthcare professionals, patients, and especially the hospitals that make good use of it. Some of these hospitals are namely the Mayo Clinic Hospital, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, Stanford Hospital, Fontana Medical Center, and the Los Angeles Medical Center. 

If you are associated with a healthcare organization that is looking to make good use of Epic, then you need to take into consideration the overall costs of the system for your organization. Here, understand that the most expensive system is not always the best for your organization. Instead, it will be best if you take a good look at your organization’s overall structure and its existing requirements. This will then allow you to better understand the investment that you need to make. 

Finally, know that Futurbyte is a reputed software solutions provider that is fully capable of offering solutions to organizations that are looking to utilize the Epic system. 

Can you define EpicCare?

Sure, EpicCare is launched by Epic Systems Corporation. It is meant for outpatient departments that let a healthcare professional properly monitor a patient’s overall healthcare from beginning to end. EpicCare features all sorts of modules. This includes mobile applications, clinical trials, and analytics. This is why many believe that it is a portable solution for the organization, access, and storage of medical records. 

Can you do Pre Chart in Epic?

Yes, this is possible with Epic. Understand that pre-charting lets you initiate a patient’s instructions beforehand. Thanks to Epic, today’s healthcare professionals can write patient instructions, and they only need to make use of the pre-charting feature prior to a patient’s arrival. Throughout the pre-charting activity, after the visit’s initiation, every resolved content will be automatically signed. 

Can you define Epic Chronicles?

Sure. It must be noted that Chronicles are considered to be the primary database that is running the Epic software. Additionally, today’s Epic systems offer their client the essential tools, which will allow the maintenance of the database, and running of queries and reports. Due to the Chronicles, the data can be stored in a non-tabular manner, which is then sent to Clarity. 

Is Epic EMR or EHR?

Many potential users of the Epic system are confused in this regard. This also includes healthcare professionals who can make immensely good use of Epic. If you are also confused here, then understand that Epic offers both EMR and EHR services, as they come within the same set. 

Can you define Epic Tapestry?

Sure, this is considered one of the oldest modules of Epic. Originally, it was created in order to assist healthcare professionals. There are a number of modules in it that are associated with utilization management, accounts payable, CRM, plan benefits, eligibility, claims and contracting, member premium billing, authorization and referrals, and plan benefits. 

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