App Prototype
App Prototype

How to make an app prototype?

It is common knowledge that making an app prototype can take from days to years. All of this depends upon the overall features of the app and its complexity. Here, if the app consists of basic functionality then the likelihood is that it will be made in weeks. Additionally, an app that consists of complex features can take a number of months.

How to make an app prototype?

These are the steps that you need to take in order to make an app prototype:

  • First, you need to make a number of minimum viable product features. These should be critical for your product’s overall value proposition. At this phase, you should also create an easily understandable user flow diagram, which can accurately map a user’s journey.
  • Second, you need to sketch your app’s main screens, and this should be done according to your user flow diagram.
  • Third, this is the phase where you make your sketches into wireframes. Understand that wireframes are actually representations of your app’s functionality and layout.
  • Fourth, you should now take your wireframes and convert them into an app prototype. These should be high-fidelity simulations of your app’s overall feel and appearance. You have the option here to make use of any reliable app prototype online tool, which allows you to include dynamic interactions and elements in your particular prototype.
  • In the final phase, you should share as well as preview your prototype app online with a number of possible users and stakeholders. This should be done in order to get both validation and feedback.

How much does an app prototype cost?

If you want to develop an app prototype then its cost can vary according to its overall features and complexity. Generally, it is believed that an app prototype can be made from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Mobile app prototyping

A mobile app prototype is a still-developing mock-up that gives the feeling of a real app. A common app prototype is supposed to showcase the app’s fundamental design as well as purpose, but it may not feature a functional code. There is no set size or shape of an app prototype.

Benefits of Mobile App Prototype

These are some of the prominent benefits that a mobile app prototype offers:


One of the most profound benefits of a mobile app prototype is that it allows early feedback. This can come from many sources, such as developers, users, and stakeholders. All this feedback assists in both the identification and addressing of a host of issues, such as usability issues, design flaws, and functional gaps.


A mobile app prototype offers a great visual representation of an app’s existing interface. This lets all stakeholders observe how their final software will function and appear.

User Testing:

An app prototype is commonly used for user testing. This goes on to assist with the evaluation of a host of factors, such as the app’s navigation flow, usability, and overall user experience. User testing plays a very important part in ensuring that the app’s later version is according to the target audience’s expectations.


A mobile app prototype plays its part in the identification and rectification of any underlying issues throughout the development process. This means the developers will save their time and resources, as they will avoid making costly corrections at the advanced stages of development.


A well-functioning prototype is often used to showcase an app’s functionality to its potential stakeholders, clients, and investors. This demo version can secure support for the entire app project. Here, the developers need to make sure they are presenting a robust prototype that has resolved most of its major issues.

Streamlined Development:

When the app’s developing team harnesses a good understanding of the app’s functionality and requirements, they can better work on the app’s overall development. This paves the way for a streamlined development process alongside a timely market release.

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