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SmartBox, a forward-thinking construction company specialising in containerised solutions, sought to refine lead generation and fortify the synergy between sales and marketing. The mission was to transition into a more data-centric organisation, optimising CRM capabilities.  

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The Challenge

SmartBox faced several challenges that needed attention. First, they specialise in building houses from containers, and they wanted to figure out where their potential customers were coming from on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. They also needed accurate tracking of their marketing campaigns, including those sent through email. To make things easier for their sales and marketing teams, they wanted all lead information organised up to the level of Bills of Quantities (BoQs). These difficulties pushed SmartBox to look for ways to streamline and improve its business operations.  

The Solution

Addressing SmartBox’s challenges, FuturByte executed a customised CRM solution using SugarCRM functionality with custom developments. We created plans to meet SmartBox’s specific needs. We developed custom modules in SugarCRM to make it easier to create Bills of Quantities (BoQs) proposals and keep thorough track of proposal interactions. We improved the sales process and set up reports to better understand everything from when a lead starts to when they become a customer.   

We also made things run more smoothly by introducing efficient workflows and automation, making the process of managing a customer simpler. Plus, we seamlessly integrated Foursquare reviews to boost SmartBox’s online presence and get a better view of how customers interact online.  


The complete transformation took approximately 4-5 months, utilising PHP within SugarCRM and deployed on a cloud-based infrastructure.  

The Results

SmartBox experienced a significant increase in finding potential customers by improving its lead generation process and keeping track of everything. The collaboration between sales and marketing teams got stronger, making it easier for them to work together. We also simplified and automated tasks for efficiency, ensuring SmartBox’s brand consistency throughout the customer journey. 

SmartBox now uses its CRM system as a powerful tool for managing relationships with customers, offering a complete view of interactions for a more personalised approach.  

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