A Leading Law Firm in the UAE

A Leading Law Firm in the UAE

About the company

We partnered with one of the leading law firms in UAE. They have 17 years of experience in advocacy and law, making them the premium option for any legal proceeding. With a team of experienced lawyers and experts in different domains, the company offers comprehensive legal advice and tailored solutions for many different legal subjects.  

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The Challenge

The law firm wanted to go paperless, with all documentation, case information, and communication for all cases online. Ensuring a faster process and reduction in wasted paper. Their aim with this transformation was to communicate with the people who opened cases (providing case updates or information requests etc.) and with the legal person assigned to the case.   

Furthermore, management wanted to see what lawyers were allocated to each case to ensure assignment was fair and they had the right people for the job, along with an analytical dashboard showing cases assigned versus the one that won. 

The Solution

After our primary audit we recommended leveraging SugarCRM to create a paperless system for the firm. We built a system that leveraged the customizable offerings of SugarCRM and imported all paper documents into the system.   

We started by building a full user-journey from cases creation onwards. All cases were assigned an owner, matching nationality or language expertise, or lawyers specific strengths/expertise using SugarCRM. We further improved the system by creating a lead allocation system and integrated it into the system.   

We then imported over 2,000 cases into the system, and from there, all previous cases were assigned to their case owners. And going forward there was now a new process. We also built separate integration with printers, so all scanned material goes to that specific owner and their email, logging all case actions. 
Keeping in mind that the company caters to predominantly Arabic-speaking individuals, we created an Arabic language facility system, which was needed to accept the Arabic language. 
As for the client side, we created a custom solution to allow them access to receive automatic updates on cases, hearing updates, etc. This was then deployed on their website through local servers. 

The Results

Once all the solutions were created and deployed onto their website, they had a completely automated paperless system. This not only improved the user engagement and convenience but also improved productivity for internal management. The whole project helped them promote transparency in case assignment and management. 

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