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About the company

Chaps and Co have been providing bespoke male grooming and men’s haircut services since 2015. Initially starting in Dubai, UAE, their excellent service and unforgettable experiences have enabled them to scale, rapidly. Today, Chaps and co have expanded to over 10+ locations across the GCC and the USA. 

Chaps and Co are a digitally focused business, leveraging technology to improve both the user experience and their internal processes and workflows. Their forward-thinking mentality towards technology is another reason as to why they have managed to scale so successfully. 

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The Challenge

As part of any successful expansion plan, headcount growth is inevitable. A growing team and multiple locations develop an even larger set of needs and requirements both operationally and in terms of human resources. 

Chaps and Co needed a smoother way to manage multiple branches, day to day operations, stay on top of HR related requirements and manage financial information such as commission calculations, expenses, and day-end reports.  

The Solution

The concept of this platform is best seen as a hybrid platform between an HRMS (Human Resources Management System) and an OMS (Operations Management System). Allowing admin access for HR and Operations management and giving each employee their own access.

The HRMS side of the platform, enable each branch to manage important employee information, handle time-off or leave requests, create and share shift schedules along with helping in the management of salaries and legal documents.

With the OMS, the FuturByte team needed to understand the day to day operations of each branch and the main hurdles the Chaps and Co ops team were facing. After understanding the overall processes and workflows during the project discovery phase, our team created a holistic operations management solution. The platform handled a huge list of tasks including opening/closing schedules for each branch, day-end reports, calculation of commission for their team members, inventory management and so much more. 

The Results

The technology that we use to support Chaps and Co.


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