Wix Shopify Integration: Merging Website Design with E-commerce

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Can’t decide between design and features for your online store? Wix Shopify integration bridges the gap! Learn if it’s right for you and how Futurbyte can help craft a beautiful and seamless store. 

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Picture this: a prospective client comes across your online store. They are welcomed by an eye-catching website featuring engaging product photos and a layout that transitions smoothly. But here’s the twist: it’s not only attractive. By clicking once, they can easily put those items in their cart and finalise a safe transaction. This would be an ideal scenario, so make it count.   

Why is this important? Because nearly half of customers anticipate an attractive website, it is crucial to differentiate oneself. However, success is not guaranteed by design alone. Customers also desire a seamless and efficient shopping experience. This is when Wix Shopify integration comes in, providing a combination of Wix’s captivating design and Shopify’s strong e-commerce features. 

In this blog, we will be walking you through the details of Wix Shopify integration best practices. Let’s find out the functionality, advantages, and how it can assist in turning your online store into a successful sales machine. 

The Benefits of Wix and Shopify Integration 

The integration of Wix and Shopify combines aesthetics and functionality, enabling businesses to build visually appealing online stores that boost sales. Here is the method: 

Design Freedom with Wix 

Wix is a commonly used website builder that lets users to drag and drop elements. Wix was primarily designed for people having non-coding backgrounds to create a fully functional website. Wix has a huge library of creative elements that you can pick, drag and drop to your website. 

E-commerce Muscle of Shopify 

On the flip side, Shopify is a top player in providing e-commerce solutions. It provides a strong range of characteristics meant to simplify the management of an online store. Shopify enables businesses to run their online stores efficiently by helping with product management, secure payment processing, and order tracking. Moreover, functions such as integrated shipping management and inventory control guarantee a seamless and stress-free sales procedure. 

Enhanced Customer Experience 

By combining Wix’s design features with Shopify’s e-commerce strength, businesses can create a great customer journey. As a well-designed website can generate more potential customers and establish credibility, you should prioritise creating an optimal e-commerce platform. It should allow customers to effortlessly add products to their shopping cart and securely finalise their transactions with just a few clicks. This frictionless and customer-focused shopping experience attracts customers and ultimately leads to increased revenue. 

How to Integrate Wix and Shopify (Step-by-Step Guide) 

Check out the integration of Wix and Shopify! This dynamic pair merges Wix’s impressive design abilities with Shopify’s strong e-commerce elements, enabling you to craft a website that is visually attractive and functionally remarkable. Here is a detailed manual to help you begin: 

Set Up Your Shopify Store

The first step is to build and set up your Shopify store. If you haven’t signed up yet, go to Shopify’s website and create an account for a free trial. This will help you set up your store, add products, and configure payment options. 

Create a Wix Website

Next, it is now your turn to create your website with the easy-to-use interface provided by Wix. Select a template of your choice, make sure it reflects your brand and industry, and then personalise it to showcase your flair. Wix provides a drag-and-drop tool that simplifies website creation for those without coding skills. 

Generate the Shopify Buy Button

Now, it’s time to link your Shopify store with your Wix website.  

Head over to your Shopify dashboard, go to the “Sales Channels” section and locate the “Buy Button” option.  

Here, you have the option to design a button for particular products or collections that you wish to highlight on your Wix website.  

Tip: Modify the button’s look to correspond with the design of your website for a unified appearance. 

Embed the Buy Button in Wix

Head back to your Wix website editor and choose the place where you want the Buy Button to appear. Add an HTML element to that spot. This sounds technical, but Wix makes it simple! You’ll simply copy and paste the embed code you acquired from Shopify into the HTML element on your Wix site. 

Test and Publish

Once you’ve embedded the Buy Button, now you have to test it thoroughly. Make sure clicking the button takes customers seamlessly to the checkout process within your Shopify store. Once everything works perfectly, publish your Wix website and let the world see your beautiful online store! 

Best Practices for Wix Shopify Integration 

Plan Your Integration Strategy  

Before jumping in, pause and reflect. Set your objectives and recognise the key aspects of Wix and Shopify that are necessary for your business. Mapping out the integration process in advance ensures a seamless transition and helps prevent any obstacles down the road. 

Choose the Right Integration Method  

Wix and Shopify provide different ways of integration such as apps, plugins, or APIs. Assess every technique considering your technical knowledge and company requirements. Take into account user-friendliness, ability to grow, and expenses to determine the most suitable option. 

Maintain Brand Consistency  

The identity of your brand should be clearly visible on both your Wix site and Shopify shop. Personalise design elements to represent your brand and guarantee a smooth transition between the two platforms for a consistent customer experience. 

Prioritise Mobile Responsiveness  

Make sure your integrated platform appears visually appealing and works perfectly on all devices in the current mobile-focused environment. Test how well the website responds on different screens and apply strategies to adjust content and design for a seamless mobile user experience. 

Streamline Product Management  

Synchronise your product catalogues on both Wix and Shopify to maintain uniform information. Utilise automation tools to simplify inventory management and order processing and ensure accurate product information on both platforms. 

Integrate SEO and Marketing  

Improve the search engine optimisation of your Wix website and Shopify store. Utilise marketing tools and analytics to monitor performance and enhance campaigns. Remember to utilise cross-platform promotion in order to increase website traffic and enhance sales. 

Provide a Seamless Customer Experience  

Enable single sign-on for account management and provide a cohesive shopping cart and checkout experience on all platforms. Providing consistent customer support on Wix and Shopify builds trust and encourages loyalty. 

Considering a custom e-commerce solution? For many businesses, the Wix Shopify integration is a good choice. However, those with mulitple intricate needs may benefit from a custom e-commerce development company or a Shopify Plus agency. Furthermore, companies looking for more than just e-commerce features could opt for an e-commerce web and application developer to establish a cohesive online presence that works well with their current business management solutions 

Who Can Help You with Wix and Shopify Integrations 

While Wix Shopify integration offers a user-friendly solution for many businesses, sometimes additional support might be needed. Here are some resources to consider: 

  • Wix Support: Wix provides a wide range of documentation and support resources to help you with the integration process. 
  • Shopify Experts: Shopify experts or Shopify Plus agencies can help with intricate integrations or personalised store creation. 
  • Web Development Services: For large-scale businesses with specific needs or those seeking a fully custom e-commerce solution, web development services can build a bespoke online store tailored to their specific requirements. 

Practice the best Wix Shopify integration practices effectively through recommended steps and strategies, or seek help from development agencies, which might help you establish a simple yet functional online store that showcases your brand effectively and boosts sales in the competitive e-commerce market. 

Wix Pricing vs Shopify Pricing 

While Wix Shopify integration best practices can be highly beneficial for your business, it’s important to have a knowledge of the pricing structure of both platforms. Here’s a quick breakdown: 

Wix Pricing 

Wix offers various website plans with different features and storage capacities. To add e-commerce functionality through Wix Stores, you’ll need a business or higher plan. These plans typically start around $23 per month and provide features like product listings, secure payments, and customer management tools. 

Shopify Pricing 

Shopify, on the other hand, focuses solely on e-commerce. They offer tiered subscription plans with varying transaction fees. Basic plans start around $29 per month and provide essential features like product management, inventory control, and secure checkout. Higher-tier plans offer additional features like abandoned cart recovery and advanced analytics. 

Choosing the Right Plan 

The best pricing option depends on your specific needs. If you wish to have a simple online store with basic e-commerce functionality, Wix Stores might be a cost-effective option. However, if you plan on selling a large number of products or require advanced e-commerce features, Shopify’s dedicated platform might be a better fit in the long run. 


The integration of Wix and Shopify offers an attractive design with powerful e-commerce features. By utilising both the platforms effectively businesses can develop visually appealing online stores that successfully turn visitors into customers. Before you start, remember these main points: 

  • Wix provides a website builder that is easy to use and includes additional e-commerce capabilities. 
  • Shopify is an e-commerce platform with robust features and the ability to scale effectively. 
  • Combining Wix and Shopify can be a budget-friendly option for companies with simple e-commerce requirements. 
  • Online shops that are complicated or have a lot of sales may find Shopify’s specialised platform more advantageous. 

By taking into account your individual requirements and financial constraints, you can decide if integrating Wix with Shopify is the best option for your e-commerce site. For companies needing a completely customised solution or with intricate business management requirements, consider hiring Futurbyte’s WooCommerce web developer or acquiring custom mobile app development or enterprise technology solution services to future-proof your e-commerce business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wix Shopify integration a good fit for my business?

Wix Shopify integration can be a great solution for many businesses, especially those who: 

  • Prioritise design: Wix excels in user-friendly website building with beautiful templates and design tools. 
  • Sell a moderate number of products: Wix Stores offer basic e-commerce functionality suitable for smaller product catalogues. 
  • Want an affordable solution? Wix pricing plans can be cost-effective for businesses starting out with online sales. 

However, if you: 

  • Sell a large number of products: Shopify offers advanced features like inventory management and bulk editing that can be highly efficient for larger catalogues. 
  • Need advanced e-commerce features: Shopify provides functionalities like abandoned cart recovery and discount codes that Wix Stores might lack. 
  • Plan for significant growth: Shopify’s scalable platform can accommodate a growing online store with high sales volume. 
What are the benefits of hiring Futurbyte for Wix Shopify integration?

There are multiple benefits for businesses looking into integrating Wix with Shopify through Futurbyte. 

  1. Our team is highly experienced in working with both Wix and Shopify, guaranteeing a seamless and effective integration process.
  2. We create custom Wix websites and Shopify stores to enhance your brand identity and give a consistent customer experience.
  3. Our continuous support ensures the smooth operation of your integrated store and addresses any inquiries you may have.

Partnering with Futurbyte allows you to benefit from our skills and concentrate on managing your company. 

Is Wix Shopify integration difficult to set up?

The fundamental integration process includes generating a Shopify Buy Button and inserting it into your Wix website. Though Wix provides easy-to-follow guidelines, it may involve a considerable amount of time and demand a certain level of technical expertise. 

However, Futurbyte can make the process easier for you. We manage the technical components of integration, making sure everything is properly set up and working smoothly. This enables you to concentrate on developing attractive product descriptions and promoting your e-commerce platform. 

Are there any limitations to Wix Shopify integration?

One limitation is that you will handle all your products and inventory exclusively on Shopify. Edits made on Wix will not impact your product listings. Furthermore, certain advanced e-commerce capabilities may not be accessible on Wix Stores in comparison to Shopify’s built-in functions. 

Nevertheless, for numerous companies, the advantages of integrating Wix with Shopify surpass these drawbacks. The powerful tool for increasing sales comes from the blend of stunning design and strong e-commerce capabilities. 

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