Top Free Shipping Apps to Enhance Your Business Logistics

In a Nutshell

In a nutshell. Free shipping apps can be a great way for your e-commerce business to build customer convenience and improve revenue streams. In this article, we will discuss

  • Free Shipping Apps
  • Top Free Shipping Apps
  • Challenges and Benefits of Free Shipping Apps
  • The Pros and Cons of Free Shipping Apps and Custom Shipping Apps
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Studies suggest that 73% of consumers would be inclined to make a transaction if they were offered free shipping. Furthermore, 90% have stated that they would shop online more often if they were offered free shipping.

While your product and brand play a huge part in getting sales, certain factors can be the tipping point for some consumers on whether they want to make a purchase. In this case, free shipping can be the deciding factor.

In this article, we will discuss the common challenges organisations face when it comes to shipping, the benefits of getting free shipping apps, the top free shipping apps, and what to look for in these applications.

How Do Free Shipping Apps Enhance your Business

Several E-commerce businesses are employing the help of free shipping apps to help them boost their customer satisfaction and, in turn, their revenue. There are several reasons why incorporating free shipping apps into your E-commerce business is a good idea. Let’s look at the common challenges businesses face and how a free shipping app can help solve these issues.

Common Challenges in Ecommerce Shipping

E-commerce shipping involves a series of intricate processes, and challenges are common during fulfillment and delivery. Here are some common challenges and their business management solutions:

  1. High Shipping Costs:
  • Challenge: Shipping expenses can impact the profit margins.
  • Solution: Using a shipping app allows business to offer bulk discounts, set free shipping thresholds, and integrate it with apps for cost-effective options.
  1. Shipping Time and Delays:
  • Challenge: Customers expect fast and reliable shipping.
  • Solution: Employ an efficient shipping app to define clear delivery times, offer real-time tracking, and partner with multiple carriers to prevent delays.
  1. Inventory Management:
  • Challenge: Accurate inventory management is essential.
  • Solution: Implement an integrated system syncing with your e-commerce platform. Utilise features like real-time tracking and automated alerts for stock monitoring.
  1. Lack of Shipping Options:
  • Challenge: Customers prefer diverse shipping methods.
  • Solution: Provide multiple options, including standard and same-day delivery, reducing cart abandonment and facilitating quicker purchase decisions.
  1. Customer Communication:
  • Challenge: Lack of shipping updates may lead to distrust.
  • Solution: Implement automated notifications for order confirmation, shipment tracking, and delivery updates. Proactively communicate any delays or issues to enhance customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Free Shipping Apps

Free shipping apps are designed to streamline the shipping and fulfillment process for e-commerce businesses, ensuring flexibility and enhancing customer satisfaction. Here are some of the benefits of having a free shipping app for your E-commerce business.

  1. Real-Time Shipping Rates:

Integration with major carriers provides accurate shipping rates based on package details and destination. This ensures that the charges shown to customers are accurate and helps merchants avoid losses from undercharging.

  1. Automated Shipping Rules:

Merchants can set up automated rules for shipping rates, methods, and carrier selection based on factors like order value or destination. Automation streamlines fulfilment and minimises errors.

  1. Order Tracking:

Enhanced order tracking features enable customers to monitor the real-time status and location of their orders. This transparency improves the customer experience and reduces inquiries about order status.

  1. Rate Shopping:

Rate shopping features allow merchants to compare shipping rates from different carriers, finding the most cost-effective options. This optimisation helps businesses control shipping costs and offer savings to customers.

Top 5 Free Shipping Apps for Businesses


ShippingEasy is an ideal shipping app for new businesses, compatible with iOS and Android. With a user-friendly interface, it seamlessly integrates with various online marketplaces.

The app supports shipping via UPS and USPS (US only) and offers a simple setup. ShippingEasy automates ordering processes, providing special rates for specific carriers. Users also benefit from integrated communication tools like chat, personal email, and live calls.


Parcelify is a flexible shipping app designed to create customised shipping plans for businesses. From creating unique tariff plans based on different categories of goods and streamlining the process with postal code information.

The app features a calculator for precise shipping cost, taxes, and insurance calculations for any package. Additionally, Parcelify displays essential delivery cost information directly in the shopping cart, ensuring transparency for buyers.

MultiCarrier Shipping Label:

MultiCarrier Shipping Label is a comprehensive shipping app catering to large businesses. It offers full customisation of logistics processes, allowing users to choose from a wide range of carriers globally. With over 30 certified carriers and extensive market experience, the app covers all logistics needs for large and medium-sized businesses. It includes calculators for cost estimation, package tracking plugins, and automated systems to streamline operations.


Boxify specialises in product packaging, providing accurate calculations for box dimensions based on the goods. The app offers step-by-step instructions for proper packing to prevent damage during delivery. Compatible with major logistics carriers worldwide, Boxify includes built-in tools for efficient packing and cost calculation based on dimensions and weight. It also coordinates the delivery process, allowing users to track the transportation mode and route.


Zendrop is a versatile shipping app renowned for its dropshipping capabilities, facilitating seamless product sourcing and order fulfillment. Integrating with Shopify, Zendrop simplifies product import and inventory management for users engaged in dropshipping activities.

What Features You Should Look For in a Good Shipping App

When choosing a successful global logistics app, there are four crucial elements that can set it apart:


Efficient logistics apps are required to automate repetitive tasks and processes, streamlining activities such as shipping, tracking, and invoicing. This automation reduces manual effort and also minimises costs associated with data entry errors.


A free shipping app should seamlessly grow with the business as it expands into new regions and markets worldwide. These apps need the flexibility to handle demand without compromising performance.

Integration & Connectivity

Successful logistics apps should integrate with existing systems like customer databases, accounting platforms, and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Furthermore, these apps need to establish connectivity with external marketplaces and trading partners.

Security & Reliability

Implementing robust encryption protocols is necessary when dealing with customer identities and credit card details. This is why you need to get a free shipping app that ensures data security. Furthermore, these apps need to be reliable and ensure stability without frequent crashes or downtime, ensuring uninterrupted order fulfillment and support services.

Free Shipping Apps V. Custom Developed Shipping Apps

While free shipping apps are a great option for e-commerce businesses, there are some setbacks with them. Following is some of the pros and cons of going for either free shipping apps or custom-developed shipping apps.


Free Shipping App

Custom Developed Shipping App


Pros: Usually free or low-cost.

Pros: Initial development cost may be higher, but no ongoing fees.


Cons: May have limited features.

Cons: Higher upfront development cost.

Features and Flexibility

Pros: Quick setup and easy to use.

Pros: Tailored features, high flexibility, and scalability.


Cons: Limited customisation options.

Cons: Development time may be longer.


Pros: Often integrates with popular platforms.

Pros: Can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems.


Cons: Limited integration options.

Cons: Integration may require additional development effort.


Pros: Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Pros: Highly scalable, can grow with business needs.


Cons: Limited scalability for complex operations.

Cons: Initial setup may take longer for large-scale solutions.


Pros: Easy setup without extensive technical skills.

Pros: Fully customisable to meet specific business requirements.


Cons: Limited ability to tailor to unique needs.

Cons: Requires skilled developers for effective customisation.

Maintenance and Support

Pros: Generally maintained by the app provider.

Pros: Ongoing support can be tailored to specific business needs.


Cons: Limited control over updates and support.

Cons: Maintenance may require dedicated resources.

Control Over Data and Security

Pros: Data security managed by the app provider.

Pros: Full control over data security and privacy measures.


Cons: Limited control over security protocols.

Cons: Responsibility for implementing and managing security measures.


Online businesses are growing at a fast pace and with this trend there is a large influx of online stores and e-commerce businesses sprouting up every day. While you can differentiate your business based on your offering, you need to include shipping applications to improve customer satisfaction.

The next step is to choose either a free shipping app or a one that is custom developed. This is where FuturByte comes into play. We will help you create a custom shipping application that will embody the essence of your brand and set you apart from your competition. Our experts are ready to learn your requirements and help you develop an app that will provide better customer satisfaction. Get a free consultation today!

Are free shipping apps really free?

Yes, many free shipping apps offer basic functionalities at no cost. However, some apps may have limitations on the number of orders or advanced features in the free version. Businesses may opt for paid plans to access additional capabilities.

What features do free shipping apps typically offer?

Free shipping apps commonly provide real-time shipping rates, label printing, automated shipping rules, order tracking, and integration with major carriers. The specific features may vary among different apps.

Can I use a free shipping app for international shipping?

Some free shipping apps support international shipping, but the extent of features may vary. It’s essential to check the app’s capabilities and ensure it aligns with your international shipping requirements.

Do free shipping apps integrate with my e-commerce platform?

Many free shipping apps integrate seamlessly with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. Ensure that the app supports your specific platform before installation.

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