Top Apps Built with Flutter and Their Business Impact

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Flutter is a versatile framework that allows cross-platform mobile app development for multiple operating systems! Let’s explore the popularity and impact of top apps built with Flutter, reshaping the mobile app development trends. Witness how Flutter emerges as the go-to choice for businesses, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and seamless user experiences.

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Starting an app development project often involves making significant decisions concerning the development approach, platform, programming language, frameworks, and more. That’s where Flutter steps in and leads the way, as it allows app development across the platforms with a single codebase!

Before we delve in further and get to know about the top apps built with Flutter, let’s break down some essential pointers that surround (Native, Hybrid, or Cross-platform apps)

Native applications provide specific efficacy to the platform, whereas hybrid applications optimise the development process but may compromise certain native functionalities. With a focus on cross-platform development, Flutter emerges as the dominant framework for mobile app development.

In this blog, we will closely examine how top apps built with Google’s open-source framework, Flutter, impact businesses. Join me as I explore the ever-changing world of code versatility and frictionless user experiences.

What is Flutter and Dart?

Flutter is a robust open-source framework developed by Google that facilitates the creation of cross-platform applications. The framework allows developers to construct a single codebase for Android and iOS apps. Flutter differs from other frameworks since it primarily uses Dart as its programming language. Dart, also developed by Google, serves as the backbone for Flutter applications development, handling everything from UI construction to app logic.

The Flutter-Dart connection is completely dependent on optimisation and deep integration. Dart’s features, including garbage collection and memory management, contribute to the overall efficiency of app development. In addition, the interaction between Dart and platform-specific APIs allows Flutter to achieve native-like rendering, which in turn provides a uniform and fluid user experience across all devices.

With Dart serving as the single language for both Flutter and potential backend logic, developers can create a unified codebase for Android, iOS, and even web/desktop versions of their applications. Instead of creating distinct codebases for each platform, as is required in traditional native development, this unified method drastically cuts down on development time and expenses.

Organisations and startups prefer Flutter for app development because it allows for a single codebase to be used for multiple platforms. This efficiency reduces development time and costs, making Flutter a preferred choice for cross-platform application development.

Compilation in Flutter: JIT vs. AOT

Flutter offers two compilation methods: Just-In-Time (JIT) and Ahead-Of-Time (AOT). JIT allows rapid code changes during development, enhancing efficiency. AOT, during the build phase, ensures faster app startup and optimised execution.

Why Do Businesses Choose Flutter for App Development?

Businesses opt for Flutter due to its unparalleled versatility. With a single codebase, Flutter can develop not only Android and iOS apps but also web, desktop, and embedded systems.

Moreover, the direct access to native OS APIs simplifies integration, offering an efficient development environment. Flutter’s customisability, coupled with Dart’s characteristics and JIT compilation, results in superior user experiences, making it the preferred choice for prominent brands and startups alike.

Perks of what you get with flutter

Top Apps Built with Flutter

Let’s demonstrate some top apps built with Flutter. These apps go beyond the norm, showing the abilities of this cross-platform framework.

New York Times: Redefining News Accessibility

The New York Times, a global news giant, chose Flutter to break platform barriers. With over 1700 journalists reporting from 160 countries, the Flutter-backed app delivers a diverse news experience. Its customisability extends beyond articles to games, like the popular KENKEN, providing a next-gen news encounter.

NYT observed a significant increase in user engagement through interactive features, directly attributed to Flutter’s customisability. This success sets a precedent for improved cross-platform news experiences, suggesting broader accessibility for global audiences. Transforming Real Estate Dynamics, a real estate powerhouse, turned to Flutter for a game-changing shift. Originally developed in Objective C and Java, the move to Flutter streamlined the app, eradicating scalability issues and reducing loading times. Flutter’s efficiency and the “Adds to App” mechanism upgraded user experience and interaction.

Post-transition to Flutter, experienced noteworthy reductions in app loading times, leading to increased user conversions. This highlights Flutter’s potential to redefine real estate applications, promising enhanced user experiences and streamlined home-buying processes.

Eazio HRMS: Simplifying Human Resource Management

Eazio’s HRMS app, built on Flutter, reshapes human resource dynamics. With Flutter’s robust framework, Eazio delivers a user-friendly platform for HR tasks. The app stands as a testament to how Flutter can enhance efficiency and user experience in corporate environments.

Eazio HRMS showcased a substantial improvement in HR team productivity, emphasising Flutter’s contribution to streamlined workflows and user-friendly platforms. This success serves as a benchmark for HR systems, indicating Flutter’s potential to optimise HR management across various organisations.

Google Ads: Simplifying Advertising Campaign Management

Google Ads, a pivotal player in online advertising, embraced Flutter for its app. Flutter provides a reliable and insightful experience, allowing users to manage advertising campaigns seamlessly. The cross-platform compatibility ensures a consistent interface, fostering improved campaign performance and efficiency.

Google Ads achieved measurable improvement in campaign optimisation and a reduction in support tickets, credited to Flutter’s seamless platform and cross-platform consistency. This success suggests broader efficiency and improved user experiences within the online advertising landscape.

Alibaba Xianyu: Mega Marketplace for Second-Hand Items

Alibaba Xianyu, a leading second-hand marketplace, chose Flutter for its app. The Flutter framework contributes to a smooth and feature-rich user interface, enhancing engagement and driving increased sales. Flutter’s versatility proves crucial in creating a responsive and visually appealing marketplace experience.

Xianyu reported a notable increase in second-hand item listings and sales after adopting Flutter’s visually appealing and responsive interface. This success highlights Flutter’s potential to boost engagement and sales within the second-hand marketplace, contributing to a more sustainable and circular economy.

BMW: Driving Consistency in Automotive Apps

BMW, a prominent automotive brand, implemented Flutter for streamlined app development. The choice of Flutter allows BMW to maintain a consistent user experience across diverse models. Flutter’s efficiency streamlines app development, ensuring a visually appealing and responsive interface for users.

BMW opted for Flutter to unify user experiences across car models, eradicating platform discrepancies between Android and iOS. The adoption of Flutter yields efficiency gains, with reduced development time and decreased maintenance costs by 30% and 20%, respectively. BMW’s choice sets a precedent for automotive brands, urging them to embrace cross-platform solutions for consistent and efficient app development.

eBay Motors: Revving Up Sales with Flutter

eBay Motors, a significant player in online car sales, utilised Flutter for its app development. The result is a visually appealing and responsive app that enhances user engagement. Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities contribute to a seamless user experience, increasing car sales on the eBay Motors platform.

eBay Motors leverages Flutter to enhance user engagement with faster loading times, an intuitive interface, and seamless navigation. Tangible improvements include a significant boost in conversion rates and a prominant increase in user sign-ups due to an enhanced app experience. This showcases Flutter’s potential to elevate user engagement and drive sales within the online car market.

Nubank: Revolutionising Banking with Flutter

Nubank, a Brazilian digital bank, built its entire app using Flutter. The decision to rely on Flutter proved instrumental in achieving rapid growth and financial inclusivity. The app’s intuitive interface and convenient features simplify money management for millions of users, showcasing Flutter’s impact in the financial sector.

Nubank reaches millions of previously unbanked individuals with a user-friendly and accessible app built on Flutter. As an early adopter of Flutter in the banking industry, Nubank is working to expand access to banking services and make it easier for individuals to keep track of their money.

Cryptograph: Crypto App Build with Flutter

Cryptograph, a Flutter app dedicated to monitoring global cryptocurrencies, stands out for its top-notch results. Operating smoothly on Flutter, the app provides real-time information and statistics on over 1600 cryptocurrencies, contributing to a comprehensive user experience for crypto enthusiasts.

Cryptograph provides a fast, reliable, and visually appealing platform for tracking and analysing cryptocurrencies, accumulated over 1 million active users within a year. The app sets a high standard for real-time cryptocurrency data visualisation, contributing to increased user trust within the crypto market.

Hamilton: A Broadway Experience

The official Hamilton app, which is based on the renowned Broadway musical, has been developed using Flutter. The app is designed to cater to a massive fanbase and includes features such as karaoke, quizzes, lottery games, and exclusive content. It has a superior user interface on Android and iOS platforms, enhancing the overall fan experience.

Flutter fosters deeper engagement with the musical “Hamilton” beyond the stage, resulting in doubled app downloads with an increase in in-app purchases. Hamilton’s success demonstrates Flutter’s effectiveness in creating engaging and interactive app experiences for theatrical productions and fanbase engagement.

Toyota: Driving Innovation in Infotainment Systems

Toyota, a leading automotive manufacturer, turned to Flutter for its next-gen infotainment systems. Leveraging Flutter’s capabilities, Toyota delivers a visually stunning and highly responsive user interface integrated seamlessly with the car’s hardware and software. This innovative solution showcases Flutter’s versatility beyond traditional app development.

Toyota adopts Flutter to deliver a next-generation in-car experience characterised by faster response times, stunning visuals, and seamless integration with vehicle features. The fact that customer happiness with infotainment systems has gone up by 25% compared to previous versions shows that Flutter is the winner when it comes to using smart car interfaces.


We now know that app development is more than a trend. It has become a necessity. As we get into 2024, we see the dynamic landscape of app development continually being shaped by innovative frameworks like Flutter. It becomes evident that the top apps built with Flutter are transforming user experiences and business success.

From news giants like The New York Times to automotive leaders like BMW, Flutter’s impact reverberates across diverse industries. The shared codebase, efficient compilation methods, and unparalleled versatility make Flutter a preferred choice for organisations seeking a unified and cost-effective solution for cross-platform app development.

As the tech world evolves, Flutter stands as a testament to the power of code versatility and seamless user experiences. So, as we bid farewell to this exploration, remember that the influence of Flutter extends beyond lines of code—it shapes the way we experience and engage with the digital world. Before it gets too late, why not just build your dream app with Flutter? Schedule a free consultation session with one of FuturByte’s technical consultants and get a customised plan for your app project.

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