Klaviyo Shopify Integration: Leveraging Email Marketing for Sales Growth

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This blog discusses all the details you need to know about Klaviyo Shopify Integration. Struggling with sales? Klaviyo + Shopify will Personalise emails & SMS, automate tasks, & gain customer insights. Follow the simple step-by-step guide or consult with professionals.

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Want to improve the rate of repeat customers after a visitor visits your website? With the ever-growing e-shopping experience, you cannot solely rely on quality products to make you stand out from competitors. You need a way to interact with your target market, strengthen your bonds, and drive sales, Klaviyo can be a go-to tool for those requirments. The Klaviyo Shopify integration is truly great for increasing sales and forming a strong online community.

Now, imagine sending specific greetings to customers who recently visited your website, mentioning the products they looked at. Walk through the situation of reviving clients who haven’t bought anything from you for a long time by sending personalised email promotions. Klaviyo Shopify integration is simply one of the ways through which users can build personalised marketing campaigns, resulting in more click-to-conversion conversions.

Why Choose Klaviyo for Shopify?

Klaviyo has a native Shopify app that joins it to your Shopify store, thus providing a single place to manage your email marketing, SMS campaigns, and customer data.

Here’s how Klaviyo empowers you to supercharge your sales with Shopify:

Klaviyo, through Shopify customer data, is able to design extremely personalised emails and SMS campaigns. This kind of individualisation makes people close and stimulates the buyers to make purchases again.

On Klaviyo, you have the benefit of working with the drag and drop builder that gives you an opportunity of automation for the repetitive tasks. Another useful option you have for using marketing automation is to create a follow-up email sequence that helps to nurture your leads, recapture lost customers and send out birthdays or anniversary greetings.

Klaviyo gives you detailed customer profiles and also helps you to personalise your marketing strategies. It becomes easier to measure the campaign, analyse purchase history and gain a better understanding of the customer behavior.

When you work along with Klaviyo’s advanced features with your Shopify store, it means that your sales will increase considerably.

Klaviyo Shopify Pricing and Reviews

Are you wondering what other Shopify store owners are saying about the integration with Klaviyo? Don’t fret! The reviews are positive.

Most of the Klaviyo Shopify integration reviews stress the point that it is easy to use and has a wealth of features, which, in turn, lead to increased sales.

Klaviyo is a highly flexible tool with its pricing structure being tailored to fit your business requirements. But before delving in further in Klaviyo Shopify pricing, research on the plan they have got to find the one that matches well with your budget and the number of subscribers you have.

Free – Test the waters with 500 monthly emails, 150 free SMS credits (limited time), and basic email support (first two months).

Email Plans (from $45/month) – Focus on email marketing with personalisation, push notifications, and ongoing support. Price increases with your contact list size.

Email & SMS Plans (from $60/month) – Combine email marketing with SMS capabilities. Price scales with a contact list and includes a set amount of monthly SMS credits.

Ready to take your Shopify store to the next level? Integrate Klaviyo today and unlock the potential for increased sales, stronger customer relationships, and a thriving online business.

Considering an e-commerce development company to help you integrate Klaviyo with your Shopify store? Look for agencies specialising in Shopify Plus or those with experience in web development services and business management solutions. They can also assist with custom mobile app development or enterprise technology solutions if needed. Remember, Klaviyo integrates seamlessly with various platforms, offering a truly comprehensive solution.

How Klaviyo Works with Shopify

Klaviyo + Shopify is a combo tool for your store! Klaviyo pulls in all your customer info from Shopify, so you can create super personalised emails and SMS campaigns.

With Klaviyo, you can send welcome emails mentioning what new customers browsed or win-back emails with special offers.

Plus, Klaviyo automates tasks like sending birthday greetings and keeps track of everything with insightful reports. It’s all about building relationships and driving sales!

Here’s a breakdown of how Klaviyo seamlessly integrates with Shopify:

  • Single Customer View: Understand your customers better by putting all their info in one place.
  • Personalised Marketing: Send targeted emails & texts based on browsing history, purchases, etc.
  • Automated Workflows: Save time with automated emails for birthdays, abandoned carts, and more.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Track results and optimise campaigns for better results.

Klaviyo Shopify Integration Steps (Quick Guide)

Integrating Klaviyo with your Shopify store is a breeze. Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  1. Open the Klaviyo App
  2. In your Klaviyo account, go to your account name (bottom left corner) and click “Integrations.”
  3. Locate “Shopify” and click “Add Integration.”
  4. Paste your Shopify store URL (format: mystore.myshopify.com) in the designated field.
  5. Enable “Onsite tracking” for Klaviyo to track customer behaviour on your Shopify store.
  6. Check “Sync your Shopify email subscribers to Klaviyo” to automatically add customers who opt-in at checkout or signup forms to Klaviyo (choose the list).
  7. (For SMS marketing) Check “Sync your Shopify SMS subscribers to Klaviyo” (if applicable).
  8. Check “Sync profiles and profile data from Klaviyo to Shopify” to share customer information between platforms (recommended).
  9. Click “Connect to Shopify” and follow the prompts. Review permissions, click “Install app” to start data sync, and then you’ll be redirected back to Klaviyo.

You will now see a green “Sync successful” notification.

Looking for Help?

If you need assistance with Klaviyo Shopify integration or broader e-commerce needs, consider partnering with a professional. Look for Shopify Plus agencies or those with experience in web development services and business management solutions. They can also help with custom mobile app development or enterprise technology solutions if needed. Remember, Klaviyo integrates seamlessly with various platforms, offering a truly comprehensive solution for your online store.

Top Klaviyo Features for Shopify

The Klaviyo Shopify integration unlocks a powerful suite of marketing tools designed to boost your online sales. Here are some of the key features that make this integration a game-changer for Shopify stores:

  • Klaviyo enables you to develop multiple email campaigns using your customer information.
  • Work with Klaviyo’s drag-and-drop workflow builder, which will save you time and make sure that all your communication is consistent.
  • Numerous Shopify store owners rave about the Klaviyo integration. They highlight its ease of use, powerful features, and measurable impact on sales growth.
  • Klaviyo offers a flexible pricing structure that scales with your business needs.
  • Klaviyo empowers you to make informed marketing decisions with in-depth customer insights.

Using Klaviyo, you can be fully equipped to take informed marketing actions based on insights about your customers.


With Klaviyo Shopify integration, today’s businesses can greatly increase their chances of grabbing more customers. Using Klaviyo’s features, you will be able to design personalised marketing campaigns, automate workflows, and obtain key customer insights, which may boost the sales of your online store noticeably. For more details and concerns, you may check out the Klaviyo Shopify integration review and make a better decision.

Need Help with Implementation?

Consider partnering with an e-commerce development company to help with the Klaviyo integration or for wider e-commerce needs. Focus on those agencies that belong to the Shopify Plus network or have expert web and application developers who can provide detailed business management services. They can also help with the development of native mobile apps for your company or enterprise IT solutions if your company desires those services. Klaviyo just works as it has API integrations with different platforms and thus presents an all-embracing solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Klaviyo with Shopify?

Klaviyo offers several benefits for Shopify stores, including:

  • Personalised Marketing
  • Automated Workflows
  • Data-Driven Decisions
  • Seamless Integration
Is Klaviyo easy to integrate with Shopify?

Yes, Klaviyo offers a user-friendly integration process with Shopify. You can find a step-by-step guide within this blog post to get you started.

How much does Klaviyo Integration with Shopify cost?

Klaviyo doesn’t have a fixed cost for Shopify integration. The cost depends on the specific features you need (email only or email & SMS) and the size of your subscriber list.

However, Klaviyo offers a flexible pricing structure with a free plan to test the platform. Paid plans start at $45 (per month) and can be scaled based on your contact list size and features needed (email only or email & SMS).

Should I hire a developer to set up Klaviyo with Shopify?

The Klaviyo Shopify integration is designed to be user-friendly and doesn’t require coding knowledge. However, if you need assistance with broader e-commerce needs, consider partnering with a development company specialising in Shopify Plus or web development services.

What other platforms does Klaviyo integrate with?

Klaviyo integrates with various platforms, offering a comprehensive solution for your online store. You can explore Klaviyo’s website for a full list of compatible platforms.

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