How To Import Products from AliExpress to Shopify [Easy Steps]

In a Nutshell

If you’re looking to source products from AliExpress for your Shopify store, this guide will walk you through the process on how to import products from AliExpress to Shopify. 

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Tired of managing limitless inventory and dealing with fulfillment headaches? Here is the catch; shift to the dropshipping model. Dropshipping allows you to focus on generating more revenue through marketing and customer service. While you don’t need to worry about massive numbers of products; just list them, and another company will handle the physical products for you. 

But first things first – choosing the right products is crucial for success. Here’s what to consider: 

Demand and competition 

Before anything, you need to perform research to find market trends and identify products with high demand and low competition. Make use of Google Trends and other auditing tools to discover profitable niches. 

Product quality 

Quality should be premium! It is better to check supplier ratings and read reviews to ensure you’re offering products that meet your customer’s expectations. 

Profit margins 

Remember to factor in product cost, shipping cost, and the profit margin when setting your prices. Aim for a healthy balance to ensure your business stays profitable. 

Many helpful resources can streamline your product searches, such as Oberlo’s product directory and Spocket. These platforms offer a curated selection of dropshipping-friendly products, making it easier to find high-quality items that align with your store’s brand and target audience. 

Key pointers of How To Import Products From AliExpress to Shopify in easy steps in infographic form

Set Up Your Dropshipping Store [Beginner’s Guide] 

Ready to start on the dropshipping journey and learn how to import products from AliExpress to Shopify? The first step should be to set up the store presence! Here’s a simplified guide to get you started: 

Create your Shopify account 

  • Head over to and sign up for a free trial. 
  • Choose your desired plan – you can also upgrade it later as your business grows. 

Design your store 

  • Explore Shopify’s wide range of free and paid themes to find one that reflects your brand and products. 
  • Customise the theme with your logo, colours, and fonts to create a professional and visually appealing store. 

Set up essential functionalities 

  • Add essential pages like “About Us,” “Contact Us,” and “Shipping & Returns.” 
  • Set up a payment gateway to receive customer payments securely. 
  • Configure your shipping rates and zones based on your target audience and location. 

Install a dropshipping app (optional) 

  • Consider using apps like Oberlo or Spocket to simplify product import and management. 
  • These apps connect directly with AliExpress, allowing you to find and add products to your store easily. 

Need a helping hand? 

If setting up your store feels overwhelming, don’t hesitate to seek help! FuturByte is the leading Shopify development agency that offers expert custom Shopify development services to help you build and customise your store from scratch. 

How to Import Products from AliExpress to Shopify[With An App] 

Dropshipping apps make it easy on how to import products from AliExpress to Shopify! These apps streamline the process, saving you time and effort. Here’s a step-by-step guide using a dropshipping app: 

1. Choose your app 

Popular options include Oberlo and Sprocket. Both offer similar features, so choose the one that feels most comfortable to you. 

2. Connect the app 

Follow the on-screen app’s instructions to connect it with your Shopify store. This usually involves granting the app access to your store data. 

3. Find your product 

Head over to AliExpress and browse for the product you want to sell. Make sure to consider factors like demand, competition, and profit margin (discussed earlier) when choosing your product. 

4. Import to your store 

Use the app’s browser extension or built-in search function to find the product on AliExpress. With a click, the app will import the product details to your Shopify store. 

5. Edit product details 

It’s important to customise the imported information to better suit your audience and brand. Here are some key points to edit: 

  • Write titles that include relevant keywords. The description should be engaging and highlight the product’s benefits. 
  • Use high-quality images from the supplier or consider creating your own unique visuals to showcase the product in the best light. 
  • Set a competitive price that factors in the product cost, shipping fees, and your desired profit margin. 
  • If the product comes in different sizes, colours, or styles, be sure to add these variations to your store so customers have options to choose from. 

6. Publish your product 

Once you’re happy with the edits, hit publish to make the product live on your Shopify store! Now, potential customers can browse and purchase your imported products with ease. 

Remember: Using a dropshipping app simplifies the process, but it’s still important to invest time in optimising your product listings (title, description, images, pricing) to attract customers and maximise your sales potential. 

Import Products From AliExpress to Shopify: Two Easy Methods 

Expand your dropshipping inventory efficiently. Learn how to import products from Aliexpress to Shopify free using individual product URLs/IDs or a bulk import CSV file. 

Importing by Product URL/ID 

This method is ideal for adding individual products to your store.  

Here’s how to import products from AliExpress to Shopify free:  

Find your product on AliExpress –

Browse AliExpress and locate the product you want to sell. 

Copy the product URL –

Look at the address bar in your browser. Copy the entire web address for the specific product. 

Go to your Shopify admin panel –

Log in to your Shopify account and get straight to the “Products” section. 

Add a product –

Click on “Add product” to create a new product listing. 

Paste the URL –

On the new product page, find the “Add by URL or ID” field. Paste the product URL you copied from AliExpress.  

Edit and publish –

Customise the information and write a clear and engaging title with relevant keywords. Use high-quality images, and lastly, set a competitive price. 

Add Variants (if applicable) 

If the product comes in different sizes, colours, or styles, be sure to add these variations to your store. 

Once satisfied with the edits, click “Publish” to make the product live on your Shopify store. 

Importing in Bulk with a CSV File 

This method is useful for adding a large number of products at once. Here’s how: 

  • Prepare a CSV file:

    Create a spreadsheet using software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Include columns for essential product details like title, description, images (URLs), price, and variants (if applicable). 

  • Find products on AliExpress:

    Browse AliExpress and gather the necessary product information (title, description, images, price, variants) for the products you want to import. 

  • Populate the CSV file:

    Fill the spreadsheet with the product details you gathered from AliExpress. 

  • Save the CSV file:

    Ensure the file is saved in the correct CSV format for importing. 

  • Import the CSV file to Shopify: Go to your Shopify admin panel and go to the “Products” section. Now, click on “Import” and then choose “CSV file.” 
  • Upload the saved CSV file:

    Select the prepared CSV file and upload it to Shopify. 

  • Map the data:

    Shopify will display a data mapping window. Match the data points in your CSV file to the corresponding product information fields in Shopify (e.g., “Title” in your CSV to “Title” in Shopify). 

  • Import and Review:

    Once the data is mapped correctly, initiate the import process. Shopify will review the imported information and notify you of any errors.

  • Edit and publish:

    Review any import errors and correct them in the CSV file. Re-upload the corrected file if necessary. Once everything is accurate, you can edit and publish the imported products on your Shopify store. 

Remember, both methods have their advantages. Choose the one that best suits your needs, whether adding individual products or managing larger product sets at once. 


Now you are well equipped with everything related to product migration and know how to import products from AliExpress to Shopify for even. By following our guide, you will be able to choose the right products, set up your store, and utilise efficient import methods.  

With dedication and strategic planning, you can import any product and start a dropshipping business. 

However, if you need help with improving products or need an expert to create ECommerce development solutions according to your custom requirements, then contact FuturByte for professional assistance from launch till deployment and beyond.  

Let’s drive sales and growth for your online store. So, get into ECommerce import products and watch your business thrive. 

How to import products from AliExpress to Shopify free? Is it Possible?

Yes, you can import products from AliExpress to Shopify without any cost using various methods outlined in our guide. 

  1.  For Individual Products

  • Find the product on AliExpress. 
  • Copy the product URL. 
  • In Shopify, add a new product and paste the URL. 


  1. For Bulk Imports

  • Create a CSV file with product details (title, description, price etc.). 
  • In Shopify, go to Products > Import. 
  • Upload your CSV file. 
Do I need a Magento store developer to import products to Shopify from AliExpress?

No, importing products from AliExpress to Shopify doesn’t require a Magento store developer. Our guide offers easy steps for anyone to follow. For further assistance, you can connect with our Shopify developers. We are here to provide complete Shopify consultation and development.  


How does WooCommerce website development relate to importing products to Shopify from AliExpress?

While WooCommerce website development and Shopify are different platforms, our guide focuses on Shopify. However, WooCommerce users can benefit from similar import strategies. 

Can a Shopify development agency assist with importing products from AliExpress?

Yes, a Shopify development agency (FuturByte) can provide expertise and guidance on importing products, ensuring a smooth process for your online store. 

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