How to Add ‘Add to Cart’ in Pinterest Shopify: Quick Guide

In a Nutshell

This blog post is your guide to adding “Buy Now” buttons to your Shopify products on Pinterest. This enables customers to buy straight from Pinterest, increasing sales and simplifying the customer experience. Discover how to connect your accounts, produce shoppable Pins, and enhance your store for success on Pinterest!

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Why Integrate Pinterest and Shopify?

Pinterest is undoubtedly a hub for visual inspiration, making it a prime platform to showcase your products. By adding “Buy Now” buttons to your Pins, you bridge the gap between browsing and buying, significantly improving your conversion rates. Integrating Pinterest and Shopify unlocks a powerful sales channel, allowing customers to purchase directly from your store within the Pinterest interface.

Quick Steps on How to Add Add to Cart in Pinterest Shopify

Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

1. Connect Your Accounts

Head over to your Shopify admin panel and navigate to the “Sales Channels” section. Locate “Pinterest” and click “Add Channel.” Follow the prompts to connect your Shopify store to your Pinterest account seamlessly.

2. Activate Pinterest Shopping

Now, enable “Shopping features” on your Pinterest business profile. This allows you to upload product information and create shoppable Pins.

3. Create Shoppable Pins

Choose the “Product” pin type when you’re making Pins for your products. This lets you add information about the object, like its price and stock.

4. Set Up “Buy Now” Links

In the Pin editing window, locate the “Destination link” field. Here, enter the specific URL of your product’s “Add to Cart” page on your Shopify store.

5. Publish and Promote

Once you’ve linked your product and set the destination URL, publish your PIN. Promote your Pins strategically across relevant boards and through Pinterest Ads to reach a wider audience.

Get Expert Onboard for Quick Pinterest Shopify Integration

A Shopify Plus development company or Shopify store setup experts could be of use to you. If you hire these professionals, they will ensure a smooth connection and improve your Shopify business so that you can make the most of Pinterest’s sales potential.

Adhering to these simple guidelines may transform your Pinterest account into a powerful sales tool. Remember that with a Pinterest Shopify integration, buyers can easily find your items, be captivated by them, and buy them immediately, all while utilising the well-known Pinterest platform.

Advanced Pinterest Shopify Tips

  1. Catchy Images:

    High-quality product photos are key! Invest in captivating visuals that showcase your products and stop the scroll.

  2. Target Your Audience:

    Use relevant keywords and create targeted boards to reach your ideal customers on Pinterest.

  3.  Track & Analyse:

    Monitor your Pinterest Analytics to see what’s working and optimise you

Wrapping Up 

 In the end, weaving Pinterest into your Shopify setup with those “Buy Now” buttons on your product Pins is a total game-changer for online stores. It’s like merging visual inspiration with a direct path to purchase, making it super easy for customers to buy what they love right then and there.  

Following the steps we’ve laid out here, you can seamlessly link your accounts, create those eye-catching shoppable Pins, and tap into Pinterest’s massive audience to boost your sales. And if you want a bit of extra help, teaming up with a Shopify Plus agency or some Magento store developer can really fine-tune your integration, making sure everything runs smoothly and you get the most out of it. With this integration power, your products can catch the eye of Pinterest users and turn them into happy shoppers with just a click. So, why wait? Get started with Pinterest Shopify integration now or ecommerce development solution and open up exciting new doors for your online biz! 

Can I add "Buy Now" buttons to my products on Pinterest?

Absolutely! Connecting your Shopify store with Pinterest enables you to include “Buy Now” buttons on your Pins, enabling customers to buy directly on Pinterest.

Why integrate Pinterest and Shopify?

Integration offers several benefits:

  • Increase sales with “Buy Now” buttons.
  • Get a new sales channel within Pinterest.
  • Improve customer experience with a streamlined purchase flow.
Can FuturByte help with Pinterest Shopify integration?

Absolutely! FuturByte offers expertise in e-commerce development solutions. We can assist with the integration process, ensuring a smooth setup and optimising your Shopify store to maximise sales potential through Pinterest.

What if I need additional help setting up my Shopify store?

FuturByte can also connect you with Shopify store setup experts who can guide you through the process of creating and optimising your Shopify store for success.

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