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This blog will inform you about how much it costs to develop a healthcare mobile app. It offers the following key information: 

  • Gains to achieve from developing healthcare mobile app 
  • Costs to develop a healthcare mobile app 
  • Cost of developing basic features 
  • Calculating the costs 
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Healthcare apps are gaining popularity across the globe. The rising utilization of healthcare facilities is a major driving factor in today’s market. Additionally, a prominent factor that is promoting the interest of the apps is the fact that today’s app users are pressed for time. Also, one important question that is on the minds of today’s e-commerce users is, “How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Healthcare Mobile App?” 

There is no simple answer to this question. If you are a person who wants to answer this accurately, then this is a must-read blog for you. Understand that you need to consider many factors when determining this calculation. Some issues you need to address are the features you require on the app, addressing the business model, and payment methodologies. 

While you are at it, feel free to look into a host of concepts, such as hybrid mobile app development as well as custom mobile app development. Perhaps you belong to a case in which it is best to hire Android developers, or on the contrary, hire iOS developer 

Let’s get into the crux of the matter: 

Defining a Healthcare Mobile App  

Many professionals who want to better answer the “How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Healthcare Mobile App” query fail to define what it is. Therefore, it is best to set the records straight here. In simple terminologies, this app is a mobile or web application that offers health-related services, tools, or information through mobile devices. This includes tablets and smartphones.  

Here are some interesting facts for you – By the conclusion of 2023, the global mHealth market’s revenue is estimated to be around $120 billion. Here, it has all the potential to come across $400 billion by 2028. There is no denying the fact that there is a sharp growth in the digital health market, and this growth is powered by the utilization of digital health services.  

Also, there is a great focus on improving personal health among youngsters. This has made them utilize smart health apps. 

The Many Gains of Developing Healthcare Mobile Apps 

When we look at the market all around us, we see a rise in the number of healthcare providers. These are constantly trying to develop digitally advanced and highly innovative healthcare solutions that are both cost-friendly and competitive. Furthermore, there are those health tech companies that aim to release patient-centric digital solutions alongside advanced critical care solutions throughout the worldwide healthcare landscape.  

However, this does not take away the fact that there exists a host of uncertainties regarding healthcare mobile app development. This includes concerns about the cost. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Healthcare Mobile App 

Key pointers of How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Healthcare Mobile App in infographic form

Let’s take a detailed dive into the cost of developing a healthcare mobile app. The following are some of the costs that are directly proportional to a healthcare app’s complexity: 

For Patients 

Fitness App: Starts from $10,000 and goes up to $50,000 

Dieting app: Starts from $30,000 and goes to $130,000+ 

Wellness apps: Starts from $30,000 and can go as much as $100,000 

Telemedicine: Can range from $25,000 to $35,000 

For Physicians 

Medical Networking: Starts from $30,000 and goes to $60,000+ 

Database App: Starts from $15,000 and as much as $60,000 

Wellness Apps: Range in between $40,000 and $90,000 

ePrescription: With basic features, it can range from $40,000 to $80,000 

These are just rough estimates. The real cost of your app greatly depends on your overall requirements. Additionally, if you want to have a precise estimate, then it will be best for you to consult with expert developers before initiating the development process. Just make sure that you are being as honest as possible with the iOS and Android app development agency. Also, it is not possible for you to detail all of your requirements in a single session. Therefore, if you are a healthcare service provider, then it is a must for you to conduct follow-up sessions with your selected app developers.  

Cost of Developing Basic Features 

The following are renowned features based on costs.  

User Registration/Login 

This is a compulsory feature for any healthcare mobile app. If a user is able to easily register/login with the app, then this will ultimately pave the way for a better overall experience. Note that the cost of developing this feature can start from $4,000 and can go as much as $10,000. Registration/Login is very often the first screen that a user sees, so make sure that this gives a pleasant experience to the viewer.  

User Profiles/Accounts 

This feature in any healthcare app allows users to go for a personalized experience. One of the many good things about an interactive user profile is that it consists of relevant data regarding a person’s past medical records. Also, users can save settings, preferences, and other information relevant to them simply by going to their profiles. Developing this phase can cost somewhere from $10,000 to $15,000. 

Push Notifications 

Thanks to this feature, healthcare service providers can push forward real-time messages to the desired patients. These messages can be associated with appointment reminders, test results, medication reminders, or a person’s health status. The notifications can also act as a lifesaver for a patient. This is why a healthcare app user should be encouraged to turn them on. The push notification development cost can range from $800 to $1,500. 

Messaging System 

This type of system assists healthcare providers in better managing a client’s expectations and enhancing the overall patient engagement activity. Patients will go on to get reminders regarding tests, medications, and appointments.  

On top of this, patients can effortlessly go to their test results or medical records with the assistance of a messaging system. Many developers who have effectively answered the “How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Healthcare Mobile App” query have hinted that a good messaging system will assist in greatly increasing overall patient satisfaction, which will pave the way for better patient-related outcomes.  

A properly functioning messaging feature can incur a cost that ranges between $5,000 to $10,000. 

Payment Gates 

It is now convenient to make safe and secure payment options – all thanks to the ongoing digitization of healthcare services. Today’s prominent healthcare apps offer patients many conveniences, such as receiving medical advice and scheduling appointments, all from their computers or handheld devices. This is where payment gates come to showcase their importance, as these let patients to effortlessly pay for any particular service. Here, the patient does not need to deal with the trouble of dealing with physical transactions. 

It is considered that the creation of payment gates can incur costs that range from $3,000 to $7,000. 

Calculating the Cost of Healthcare Mobile App Development 

There are a host of factors that determine the overall costs of a healthcare app. This includes factors such as hourly rates associated with developers, UI/UX design, app maintenance, and platform. Let’s take a closer look at the most important factors that are responsible for a healthcare app’s cost. 

App Support and Maintenance 

A healthcare app’s associated development costs immensely depend on app-related support services and maintenance. If there is ongoing maintenance, it may incur costs of around $1,000 to $10,000 monthly. Of course, this depends on the app’s complexity and the overall size of the development team, which will go on to offer support services. Minor points, such as feature additions or bug fixes can cost something from $500 to $1,000. Always remember that proper maintenance is directly related to higher app user satisfaction levels.  

Platform Type 

Today’s modern healthcare mobile apps are made via frameworks that are separately developed for Android and iOS platforms. Besides this, an app can be made on web technologies and hybrid app development techniques for development with native shell. Furthermore, creating a native app can incur costs that can go as much as $400,000, and a hybrid healthcare app can cost as much as $600,000. This is why the accurate determination of this cost is essential for a custom healthcare software development company that wants to give the best in medical software development services 

UI/UX Design 

It is extremely important to create a healthcare app that gives a welcoming and easygoing look and feel. At the same time, the app should be able to target all of the age groups in a balanced manner. When taking all factors into note here, a healthcare app that has a pleasing and user-friendly UI/UX will have a cost that will depend on its utilization of the navigation tools. 

Regulation and Compliance 

The overall regulatory and compliance requirements that an app will have to go through will affect its budget. Here, it is essential to adhere to the associated compliance since this will ensure the safety of the app’s data. The regulation and compliance standards offer safety for patients against all sorts of unlawful medical practices. In light of this, these are the points that must be taken note of: 

  • Medical device regulations 
  • Ethical considerations 
  • Advertising and marketing 

Hourly Development Costs 

Perhaps you are associated with an organization that wants to outsource its healthcare app development costs to a team that is situated at a different location. This location can be within your country or outside of it. This is why it is vital for you to calculate the app development’s hourly costs. Many consider this to be pivotal when answering the “How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Healthcare Mobile App” question. 

The following are some of the hourly costs associated with prominent countries/regions: 

  • Northern America – $80 to $150 
  • Europe – $45 to $100 
  • Gulf Nations – $30 to $120 
  • Asia – $20 to $50 
  • Australia and New Zealand – $35 to $150 

Concluding Remarks 

We are living in a world where healthcare mobile apps are playing a very positive role in our lives or the lives of those that we know of. This has made today’s healthcare service providers do extra work just so that they can accurately answer the “How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Healthcare Mobile App” query. An accurate answer to this question is directly related to the satisfaction of both the healthcare app users and those offering the app. 

Lastly, Futurbyte is a well-renowned software solutions provider that can offer helpful solutions to today’s renowned healthcare service providers.

Can you give an average cost of developing a healthcare app?

Sure, but it is important to make it clear here that this cost directly depends on many things, such as post-launch support, design, functionalities, and the technologies being used. If you are looking for a basic cost associated with a healthcare app development, then this can start from $50,000 and go somewhere around $100,000. Here, if you are looking to make a more complex app that has a greater set of functionalities, then the cost can range as much as $500,000 and even more than that. 

Can you define the role of compliance in healthcare app development?

If you comply with the established standards and regulations of healthcare guidelines, it will ensure that your app can meet up with scalability, performance, user experience, security, and data privacy criteria. Similarly, potential users of a healthcare app will be more inclined to use it because it complies with established standards and regulations.  

How do I ensure that my healthcare app development costs are within my expenses?

Ensuring that your healthcare app development costs are within your expenses is not that difficult. All that you are required to do is to take the services of an established mobile app development company. If this company has expertise in the development of healthcare apps, then they will guide you on how you will be able to keep your expenses under control. This information will be conveyed to you straight from the discovery phase.  

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