Top 5 Shopify themes We should Use in 2024? [Free and Paid]

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In this blog, we will find the Top 5 Shopify themes We should Use in 2024. We’ll explore the pros and cons of free vs paid themes, highlight some of the best Shopify themes to consider in 2024, and address common concerns like customisation and getting help with setting up your store. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for the power and flexibility of premium Shopify themes, this guide will equip you to make an informed decision and launch your dream store fast! 

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Tips for Choosing the Right Shopify Theme 

First, let’s have a look at what drives your choice of theme before we get into our suggestions: 


Shopify offers a range of themes, from free options to premium themes with advanced features. Make a clear budget according to your needs so that you have clarity. 


Certain themes cater better to specific industries. For example, a theme designed for a clothing store might not be ideal for selling electronics. Choose a theme that aligns with your industry’s visual style and product types. 

Features Needed 

Think about the functionalities you need in your store. Do you require features like mobile responsiveness, high-volume product handling, or a built-in blog section? Ensure the theme you choose offers essential functionalities for your business. 

Design Preferences 

This is where you get to express your brand personality! Do you prefer a clean and modern aesthetic or something more playful and vibrant? There are themes available to suit a wide range of design preferences. 

Key pointers of Top 5 Shopify themes We should Use in infographic form

Top 5 Paid Shopify Themes for 2024 

Building a stunning and functional online store doesn’t have to break the bank. But sometimes, investing in a premium Shopify theme can unlock powerful features and a level of customisation that takes your store to the next level. Here are our top picks for premium shopify themes in 2024: 

  1. Kalles ($179)

Description: Highly versatile theme with over 20 pre-built demos. There are different ranges for different industries, so picking the right one becomes easy. It also offers advanced features for product filtering, collections management, and running promotions. 

Ideal For: A wide range of stores (fashion, footwear, electronics, furniture, cosmetics, and more. 

Unique Selling Point: Extensive customisation options enable you to create a unique and distinct online store experience. 


  • Higher price point compared to free themes 
  1. Empire ($340)

Inspired by the leader in e-commerce, Empire offers a powerful Shopify theme designed for large product catalogues. This feature-rich theme prioritises a smooth user experience with functionalities reminiscent of major online retailers. Empire can be your custom Ecommerce development solution and help you build an identity on Shopify store.  

Ideal For: 

  • Businesses with extensive product offerings 
  • E-commerce stores seeking an Amazon-like customer journey 
  • Brands that value a clean, contemporary aesthetic 
  • Businesses focused on optimising product discovery and conversions 

Unique Selling Point: Empire empowers you to create a dominant online presence by mimicking the functionalities and user experience of a leading e-commerce platform. 

Negative points: 

  • Higher price point compared to some other themes 
  1. Booster ($249)

Booster gives access to over 25+ pre-built styles and features a powerful drag-and-drop editor, allowing you to tailor your store’s layout to perfection. Includes robust marketing and conversion optimisation tools built-in. 

Ideal For: Businesses that are looking to drive more sales and conversions. 

Unique Selling Point: Combination of extensive customisation options and built-in conversion optimisation tools. 

Negative Point:

  • It may require some technical knowledge to use the advanced features effectively 
  1. Gecko ($199)

Gecko offers lightning-fast loading speed and a user-friendly interface making this theme ideal for high-volume stores. Offers advanced inventory management features. 

Ideal For: Shopping stores with lots of products, such as electronics retailers and businesses that prioritise fast page load times. 

Unique Selling Point: Scalability allows your store to grow seamlessly alongside your business. 


Slightly higher in price compared to other paid themes.  

  1. Mavon ($129)

Mavon has a clean and modern aesthetic with a focus on high-quality product presentation. Integrates seamlessly with popular marketing apps and features advanced product filtering options. 

Ideal For: Stores in the fashion, beauty, and homeware industries that showcase beautiful visuals and create a luxurious shopping experience. 

Unique Selling Point: Clean design with advanced product filtering for a seamless customer experience. 

Negative Point:

  • It may not be ideal for all industries (better suited for visually-driven products) 

While free themes offer a great starting point, paid themes unlock a higher level of design and functionality. If you have a specific vision for your online store or require advanced features to optimise conversions and manage a large product catalogue, a paid theme might be a worthwhile investment. 

Consider exploring the various options we’ve highlighted, keeping your budget, industry, and technical expertise in mind. Remember, Shopify also offers resources and a network of professionals, including custom e-commerce web design services and  Shopify Plus development companies, to help you set up and customise your dream store, regardless of the theme you choose. 

Top 5 Free Shopify Themes for 2024 

Do you have a tight budget but need to build a stunning and useful online store with a free Shopify theme? Don’t worry; we have the right Shopify theme options for you. Here are our top picks for free Shopify themes in 2024: 

  1. Dawn (Free)

Dawn is a simple theme with a clean interface that offers a minimalist design, focusing on high-quality product visuals. Easy to customise and mobile-friendly. 

Ideal For: Fashion, apparel, and stores with a focus on strong product photography. 

Unique Selling Point: A simple setup process makes it beginner-friendly and convenient for those on a tight budget. 

Negative Points: 

  • Limited customisation options compared to paid themes 
  • It may not be ideal for stores requiring complex functionalities 
  1. Sense (Free)

Sense, A modern theme with a focus on visual storytelling. Features large banners and product carousels to showcase your brand and products prominently. 

Ideal For: Beauty brands, cosmetics stores, and businesses with a strong visual identity. 

Unique Selling Point: The built-in blog section allows you to connect with customers and share brand stories. 

Negative Points: 

  • Fewer customisation options compared to paid themes 
  • Limited functionalities compared to some other free themes 
  1. Venture (Free)

Venture offers a simple yet modern design with a customisable layout, making it a great choice for a variety of industries. 

Ideal For: Budget-conscious businesses across various industries. 

Unique Selling Point: Versatile design with some customisation options. 

Negative Points: 

  • Lacks some of the advanced features found in paid themes 
  • Require lots of technical knowledge for customisation 
  1. Debut (Free)

Debut provides a user-friendly theme with a fine aesthetic and a focus on product presentation. 

Ideal For: Beginners looking for a straightforward and mobile-friendly store. 

Unique Selling Point: Beginner-friendly interface and mobile-first design. 

Negative Points: 

  • Limited customisation options for a truly unique store 
  • It may not be suitable for stores requiring complex functionalities 
  1. Narrative (Free)

The narrative follows a blog-first layout, allowing you to easily share your brand story and product information and connect with customers. 

Ideal For: Content-driven businesses with a focus on storytelling and brand building. 

Unique Selling Point:  Focus on content marketing with a blog-centric layout. 

Negative Points: 

  • Limited product presentation options compared to other themes 
  • It may require additional plugins for advanced functionalities 

Need Help Setting Up Your Dream Store? 

Shopify offers a vast array of resources, including articles and tutorials, to guide you through the process. If you need more in-depth help, consider exploring services like Shopify store setup experts or custom e-commerce web design services [link to custom e-commerce web design services]. 

Remember, the best theme for your store depends on your unique needs and vision. Consider exploring both paid and free options to find the perfect fit. 

Free vs Paid Shopify Themes: Must-Haves to Keep in Mind 

You ought to factor in your budget, level of expertise, and the particular needs of your Shopify business when choosing premium Shopify themes.  

Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of free and paid Shopify themes to help you decide: 


Free Themes 

Paid Themes 


Budget-friendly (Free) 

Paid upfront cost 



Extensive (product filtering, marketing integrations, etc.) 


Limited design options 

Highly customizable for a unique brand look 

Ease of Use 

Easier to use, good for beginners 

Steeper learning curve for advanced features 

Conversion Rates 

May not be optimized for sales 

Features designed to boost sales 


Most are mobile-friendly 

All should be mobile-friendly 

User Experience 

Should be user-friendly 

Should be user-friendly 


There’s no single “best” option when it comes to free vs. paid Shopify themes. In the end, it all comes down to your individual requirements and available resources. 

  • Free themes are a great starting point for businesses on a tight budget or those new to e-commerce. They offer a user-friendly platform to launch your store and test the waters. 
  • Premium shopify themes unlock a higher level of design, functionality, and control. They’re ideal for businesses that require advanced features, a unique brand aesthetic, and tools to optimise conversions and sales. 

No matter which route you choose, prioritise themes that are mobile-responsive and offer a good user experience. Consider exploring both free and paid options to find the perfect fit for your dream store! 

Free Theme vs Paid Theme: How Do I Choose?

On a tight budget? Free themes offer a starting point but might limit your features and design options. Looking for more power and control? Paid themes offer advanced features, customisation flexibility, and a more professional look. 

What Are Some Top Shopify Themes for 2024?

Pinpointing the absolute “top” theme is tricky as trends evolve. Here are some strong contenders based on popularity and features: 

  • Free Themes: Dawn, Sense, Venture (available on the Shopify Theme Store: [link to Shopify Theme Store]) 
  • Paid Themes: Kalles, Gecko (explore these through searches or their websites) 
Can You Help Set Up My Shopify Store?

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I Want to Customise My Theme, But I'm Not Tech-Savvy.

No worries! While paid themes often allow for more customisation, FuturByte’s Shopify design services are here to help. We can tailor any theme to match your brand, even if you’re a beginner. 

What If I Need a Completely Unique Store Design?

For a one-of-a-kind online store experience, consider our custom e-commerce web design services. We’ll design a theme from scratch that perfectly reflects your brand and captures your vision. 

My Business is Growing – Do I Need Special Help?

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