Factors Affecting Mobile App Development Cost in 2024

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To help you make informed decisions for your app project, we’ve laid out every facet of mobile app cost in 2024 in this app development cost factors guide. We have explained everything you need to know related to the costs associated with app development.

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Mobile apps are constantly increasing in numbers, and the major reason for this stride is the easy access and convenience that people are looking for in 2024. Want to shop online? There is an app. Want to make a transaction? There is an app. Need a workout routine? There is an app. In 2024, the demand for apps is undeniable, as app usage continues to expand exponentially to meet every conceivable need. 

However, the app development cost factors are so many, and the prices of each app differ from others depending on those factors. 

Therefore, a keen understanding of these elements is imperative for businesses seeking cost-effective software solutions, especially mobile apps. Let’s get straight to everything you must know about the mobile app development cost in 2024. 

Reading this blog will help you to make an informed decision about starting an app project. By the end of this blog, you will feel confident and can comprehensively plan to build your app. 

App Development Factors that Affect the Cost

The complexity of app development is a pivotal determinant of the overall cost. As apps evolve from simplistic to intricate functionalities, the intricacy involved in coding, design, and integration intensifies.  

Simultaneously, the need for skilled developers and extended development timelines contribute to the financial aspects and considered to be one of the most crucial app development cost factors. Therefore, striking a balance between functionality and simplicity becomes a need in managing costs effectively.  

A calculated strategy and a strategic partner are necessary to traverse the many levels of intricacy. You may consult Futurbyte to simplify complex app development processes, ensuring a cost-efficient journey from ideation to deployment. 

Platform Choice: Native (iOS or Android) or Cross-platform

Selecting the right platform is one of the primary app development cost factors that will significantly impact the overall app development cost in 2024. Considering the evolving demand of users, it becomes hard to decide between native development for iOS or Android. Fret not! We can help you pick the right platform for your needs.  

Android vs. iOS App Development Cost

Whether to choose Android or iOS for app development is a never-ending question that demands attention in 2024. Get the fact that each platform comes with its unique set of development challenges and costs.  

While Android holds a larger market share globally, iOS users often exhibit higher engagement levels. Therefore, seeking an expert to delve into the intricacies of both platforms could be a good option. Ask them to provide insights into the associated costs that enable you to make an informed decision aligning with your target audience and business objectives. 

Native vs. Cross-platform

The choice between native and cross-platform development is another critical decision that businesses face. Let me break it for you: Native apps built exclusively for one platform often provide optimal performance but may incur higher development costs.  

On the contrary, cross-platform solutions offer cost-efficiency but may compromise performance slightly. As app development professionals, we guide you through this decision-making process, ensuring your app aligns with your budget and performance expectations. 

Experience and Skills of Development Team

The proficiency and expertise of the development team will play a pivotal role in shaping app development costs in 2024. A professional team with rich experience in the latest technologies can expedite the development process, potentially reducing costs. Conversely, a less experienced team may face challenges that lead to increased development time and, consequently, higher expenses. At FuturByte, our seasoned development professionals bring a wealth of experience, ensuring efficient and cost-effective project execution. 

Feature Implementations and Integrations

The features integrated into a mobile app directly impact the overall cost. As businesses strive to offer unique functionalities to stand out in the market, the complexity of implementing these features affects development expenses. Remember, features are something you can never control but examine. It is helpful to document the functionalities you plan to offer your audience. This documentation will assist the development team in estimating costs and adjusting prices accordingly. 

Keep in mind that integrating third-party services, APIs, and advanced functionalities contributes to the intricacy of the project. Our experts thoroughly assess your feature requirements, providing transparent insights into the associated costs and guiding you on the most cost-effective solutions. 

Design and User Interface (UI)

The design and user interface (UI) are the major factors that influence the overall costs of an app. While an intuitive UI improves user experience, it may involve additional costs. A well-designed and user-friendly interface requires proper planning, skilled designers, and iterative testing.  

Apart from the app development cost, a hack to enhance app engagement lies in making your app aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate.  

Maintenance and Updates

Unfortunately, the app development cost doesn’t conclude with the app launch. Ongoing maintenance and updates are equally essential to ensure the app’s functionality, security, and compatibility with evolving technologies. The budget for app development should include costs associated with maintenance and updates. 

Experience and Skills of Development Team

The proficiency and expertise of the development team will play a pivotal role in shaping app development costs in 2024. A professional team with rich experience in the latest technologies can expedite the development process, potentially reducing costs. Conversely, a less experienced team may face challenges that lead to increased development time and, consequently, higher expenses. At FuturByte, our seasoned development professionals bring a wealth of experience, ensuring efficient and cost-effective project execution. 

How Much Does a Mobile App Cost in 2024? [Complete Breakdown]

Figuring out the costs depends solely on the app’s idea and complexity. Fear not, intrepid app entrepreneur! This price guide equips you with a rough idea to budget your app-building journey like a pro. To have more accurate prices and insights for 2024, you should book a free consultation session with one of our experts.  

First things first, let’s categorise your app based on complexity. 

Simple App Development Cost

Minimalistic and small apps with limited features and functionalities make them quicker and cheaper to develop. These apps can be a good investment if you are looking to add a mobile app to your digital arsenal that showcases your business.

Complex App Development Cost

An intermediate app could be an app with additional features like messaging, alerts, integrations with external services, or advanced data analysis to your simple app. These complexities are entirely subjective and can be changed according to personal preferences. However, it increases development time and cost. 

Advanced App Development Cost

The cost of developing a complex app has no limits. If you want to customise everything and add modern features like AR/VR experiences, real-time location tracking, or complex AI algorithms, keep in mind that these apps push technology boundaries and are the most expensive. 

Enterprise-Level App Development Cost

Mega apps or enterprise-level apps come with a hefty price tag, but they’re a worthwhile investment for ambitious projects. Building a comprehensive app with extensive features and functionality typically requires a budget of at least half a million dollars or more, depending on the project’s requirements. Rich features are considered vital app development cost factors, significantly impacting the overall app development cost. 

App Type 

Estimate Cost (USD) 

Time (Month) 

Additional Factors 

Simple (Basic Functionality, Offline) 

$10,000 – $50,000 


Low complexity features – Single platform development Basic UI/UX design 

Intermediate (Multiple Features, Online Connectivity) 

$50,000 – $100,000 


Moderate complexity features (e.g., social media app, e-commerce) Single platform development or basic cross-platform Moderate UI/UX design and animations – Limited third-party integrations 

Complex (Advanced Features, Real-time Interaction) 

$100,000 – $500,000+ 


High complexity features (e.g., AR/VR, gaming, real-time chat) Cross-platform development or complex native development Custom UI/UX design and complex animations – Extensive third-party integrations 

Enterprise-Level (Scalable, Secure, High User Traffic) 



Extensive functionality and scalability High security and data privacy requirements – large development team and ongoing maintenance Potential server and infrastructure costs 


Remember, these are just estimates. The actual cost of app development will depend on various factors: 

  • Native development (iOS or Android) is typically more expensive than cross-platform options. 
  • The more features and functionalities, the higher the cost. 
  • Hiring experienced developers will cost more, but you may expect desired results. 

App Development Costs Factors Across Industries [A Simple Breakdown]

App Category 

Estimated Cost (USD) 

Timeframe (Months) 

Key Features Influencing Cost 

Potential Challenges 

Social Media Apps 

$50,000 – $500,000+ 


– User profiles & management – Real-time chat & feed updates – Content moderation & security – Scalability for large user base 

Complex algorithms, data privacy compliance, maintaining user engagement 

E-commerce Apps 

$50,000 – $500,000+  


– Secure payment gateways – Shopping cart & checkout system – Product catalogue & inventory management – User reviews & ratings 

Integration with logistics providers, mobile payments, managing high traffic during sales 

Gaming Apps 

$50,000 – $500,000+ 

2 months – 2 years 

– Game mechanics & multiplayer infrastructure – Real-time graphics & animations – In-app purchases & monetization – Cheat prevention & server stability 

Complex game logic, balancing gameplay, ensuring fairness & security 

Education Apps 

$50,000 – $500,000+ 


– Personalized learning pathways & quizzes – Content creation & video lectures – Gamification & progress tracking – Integration with learning management systems 

Engaging learning content, ensuring accessibility for diverse users, data privacy regulations 

Healthcare Apps 

$50,000 – $500,000+ 


– Secure medical data storage & access – Appointment scheduling & communication – Fitness tracking & personalised plans – Integration with wearable devices 

Regulatory compliance, user privacy & security, ensuring accuracy of health information 

Travel Apps 

$50,000 – $500,000+ 


– Booking engine & reservation management – Real-time location services & map integration – User reviews & recommendations – Multi-language support & currency conversion 

Integrating with travel providers, managing dynamic pricing & availability, ensuring accurate travel information 

Productivity Apps 

$50,000 – $500,000+ 


– Task management & organisation tools – Collaboration features & file sharing – Integrations with other productivity apps – Project tracking & reporting 

User interface design & ease of use, ensuring secure data storage & retrieval, managing user permissions 

On-demand Apps 

$50,000 – $500,000+ 


– Real-time location tracking & dispatch – Secure payment processing & user accounts – Push notifications & communication system – Scalability for high demand & transactions 

Managing real-time logistics, ensuring service quality & driver safety, integrating seamlessly with payment systems 


App Development Cost Factors Varies by Region or Country

Much like how the value of a currency can vary across different regions, the cost of app development is also subject to geographical differences. In the United States and Western Europe, where top-tier companies are prevalent, and the cost of living is high, app development tends to be relatively expensive. 

On the contrary, Asian or Middle Eastern countries often offer more budget-friendly app development services without compromising quality.  

Different apps have varying prices and benefits. The main types include Native Apps, Hybrid Apps, and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Your selection should align with both your budget constraints and the specific requirements of your app project. 

Developing An App on Existing Ideas vs. Starting from Scratch [Cost Considerations]

Now, let’s find out the financial side of two distinct app development processes: building upon an existing idea and developing something entirely new. 

App Development Costs for an Existing Idea 

In general, these types of apps cost a bit less than creating one from scratch. However, developing an app based on an existing idea comes with its unique set of considerations and cost implications. While using pre-existing concepts can save time on ideation and validation, the development process involves customising the app to meet specific requirements and differentiating it from existing applications.  

Keep in mind that unexpected complexities might arise, influencing the final cost. So, before starting out with existing ideas, finalise what features you need in your app.  

Cost of Developing an App from Scratch 

Designing and developing each feature and functionality from the ground up demands substantial time and resources, inevitably leading to a higher investment. The cost directly correlates with the number and complexity of features and functionality. While opting for a custom-built app offers the advantage of unique features, bespoke design, and customised user experience, it’s crucial to grasp the comprehensive scope of developing an app from scratch for precise cost estimation. 

Other Costs Associated with App Development

App development cost evaluations could be tricky. To avoid falling into a never-ending cost cycle, it’s important to partner with a professional and skilled development team that aligns with your vision. A well-coordinated team not only minimises the risk of unforeseen expenses but also ensures a smoother and more efficient development process. 

Front-End Development 

The app’s user interface and overall look and feel make or break the app. Only skilled developers can deliver a visually appealing, fully functional, and user-friendly front-end service. A well-designed front end takes up a lot of your app development budget. 

Back-End Development 

While users interact with the front end, the back-end powers your app. It involves creating servers, databases, and the logic that makes your app work seamlessly. Back-end development is one of the most expensive app development cost factors and crucial for app functionality; it takes around 30% of the overall app development cost. 

Server Hosting 

Once your app is live, it needs a place to reside. That’s where server hosting comes in To store data. Choosing the right hosting solution impacts the app’s performance and reliability. Factor in server hosting costs to ensure your app runs smoothly, especially during periods of high user activity. 

SDK and Saas Fees 

Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions can enhance and increase the overall app’s capabilities. However, these services often come with associated fees. Be mindful of the costs involved in integrating third-party tools and discuss further with experts to take the costs into consideration. 

Project Management 

Effective project management acts as a backbone of successful app development. Coordinating tasks, timelines, and resources requires skilled project managers, which increases the costs. The best outcome you can experience by having a project manager could be efficient problem-solving and timely project delivery. 

App Marketing 

Once your app is ready, getting it into the hands of users requires effective marketing. App marketing costs cover activities like launching, promotion, advertising, and user acquisition strategies. You should have a good budget market for your app, so it gains visibility in a crowded market, increasing its chances of success. 

How do app development costs vary depending on the app's complexity?

App development costs vary based on complexities and features. The more features, functions, and aesthetics you want, the higher the cost. Simple apps cost less, while complex ones with advanced features are pricier. 

What are the main factors that influence the cost of building an app?

There are several app development cost factors, such as the app’s features, design complexity, platform choice (iOS, Android, or both), and the development team’s rates. The more features and complexity you need, the higher the cost.  

What are some potential hidden costs I should be aware of?

Hidden costs in app development may include ongoing maintenance, updates, and server expenses. It’s essential to budget for these to avoid surprises. Also, consider potential changes in project scope, which might incur additional charges. 

Is native app development more expensive than cross-platform?

Native app development is often more expensive than cross-platform. Native apps are designed dedicatedly for one platform (iOS or Android), requiring separate development. Cross-platform apps share a common codebase, reducing development time and cost. 

Are there cost differences between developing for iOS vs. Android?

Yes, there can be cost differences between developing for iOS and Android. Developing for iOS might be slightly more expensive initially, but Android apps may have higher testing costs due to the variety of devices. The overall cost depends on your target audience and app requirements. 

How does choosing a specific programming language impact the budget?

The programming language you choose can affect the budget. Some languages require more development time, impacting costs. Common languages like JavaScript are often cost-effective due to their versatility, while specialised languages may increase development expenses. Choose a language based on your project’s needs and budget. 

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