Analysing the Profitability of Dropshipping in 2024

In a Nutshell

Dropshipping has been one of the most successful businesses in recent times. In this article we will discuss:

  1. Is dropshipping still profitable in 2024?
  2. How can you analyse profitability?
  3. What should you sell?
  4. What profit margins to expect?
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Studies indicate the $85 billion of worldwide sales are done through dropshipping. This equates to 23% of global online sales. Other studies have shown that dropshipping has up to 20% better profitability when compared to affiliate marketing.

With more businesses adopting dropshipping to minimise their costs and improve their margins, drophipping is a popular choice for business owners to explore and generate revenue. The question is, is dropshipping still profitable in 2024.

In this article we will be analysing the profitability of dropshipping in 2024, what to sell and what your profit margins should be.

What is Dropshipping

Before we start analysing the profitability of dropshipping in 2024, we first need to understand what it is. Dropshipping is defined as a retail fulfilment method where the seller does not have any physical stock of the product but rather purchases the bought items from a third party that ships it to the customer directly. This allows the seller to save money on storage as well as shipping and handling, minimising the costs and maximising returns.

Dropshipping is seen as a profitable business model for new entrepreneurs looking to create an e-commerce business with minimal investment. It is important to note that while the costs are low, a successful dropshipping business will require careful planning, market research, and effective management of supplier relationships and customer expectations.

How To Start Analysing the Profitability of  Dropshipping in 2024

Just like any other business, before you can dive into working towards developing a revenue stream, it is best to understand the market and how profitable the business can be for you. Following are some of the steps you can take when analysing the profitability of dropshipping in 2024.

Key pointers of Analyzing the Profitability of Dropshipping in infographic form

Work Out Product Costs

Find out how much your suppliers charge for the products you are choosing to sell. This includes the product and delivery fees. You would also need to factor in extra costs like transaction, platform fees and marketing expenses.

Decide Selling Price

Research your customers and competitors to set a fair price for your products. You need to consider aspects such as quality, brand reputation, and what customers want when you decide on prices.

Figure Out Gross Profit

Work out the difference between what you sell your products for and what you paid for them. Divide this by the selling price and times it by 100 to get your gross profit percentage. This shows you how much profit you make on each sale before other costs.

Account for Running Costs

List all the costs of running your dropshipping business, like marketing, website hosting, software, customer service, and other overheads.

Think About Getting Customers

Work out how much it costs to get each new customer through things like adverts, social media, or partnerships.

Look at Return on Investment

See how well your marketing is doing by finding the Return on Investment (ROI). A good ROI means your marketing makes more money than it costs.

Keep an Eye on Important Numbers

Keep track of key stats like how many people buy from you, how much they spend, how much they spend over time, and how many stop buying from you. This helps you see how well your business is doing and make decisions based on facts.

Think About Different Scenarios

Imagine different scenarios that could happen, like your supplier putting their prices up or customers wanting different products. Make plans for each scenario and think about how it could affect your business.

Using all these factors you will be able to understand the profitability margins of creating a dropshipping store for a specific product or types of products. Doing this analysis will prepare you for the steps you need to take in order to be successful.

Dropshipping presents a lucrative business opportunity with several distinct advantages that appeal to entrepreneurs. Unlike traditional retail models, dropshipping allows you to sell products without the need to hold inventory. Let’s delve into the reasons why dropshipping is both profitable and worthwhile.

Easy to Start

Launching a dropshipping business is simpler compared to traditional retail ventures. You don’t need a physical storefront, as an online store suffices. With various e-commerce platforms like shopify, and website builders, creating an online presence is straightforward.

Low Startup Cost

One of the key benefits of dropshipping is its minimal upfront investment requirement. Unlike traditional retail, where purchasing inventory entails significant capital, dropshipping operates on a pay-as-you-go basis. You only procure products from suppliers after customers place orders and make payments, reducing initial costs.

Low Risk

Dropshipping minimizes risks associated with holding inventory, a common concern in traditional retail. Without the need to purchase products upfront, you avoid the risk of unsold inventory. This risk mitigation allows for experimentation with new products and niche markets without significant financial exposure.

High Scalability

Dropshipping facilitates rapid business expansion. As your store gains traction, you can easily diversify product offerings by partnering with new suppliers. This scalability enables you to reach a broader audience, including global markets. Automation tools and efficient order management systems streamline operations, supporting seamless scalability

What are the Most Profitable Products to Dropship

Once you understand the potential your dropshipping store can offer, the next step is to pick the product you plan on selling. This is a crucial step as some products might sell better than others. Following is a list of products you can sell on your dropshipping store that have seen success over the years.

  • Toys
  • Health and Fitness Products
  • Pet Products
  • Home Decor and Home Improvement Products
  • Jewlery
  • Automotive accessories (e.g., Car seat)
  • Patio, Lawn, and Garden
  • Outdoor Sports

What is a Good Profit Margin for Dropshipping

The profit margin of your business is the remaining money after you take out all the business expenses. This means that your product could cost $10 to make and ship, while you sell it for $15, giving you a 50% profit margin. You will need to take into account all the expenses within a dropshipping business which include subscription fees, selling channel fees, and marketing costs.

When considering all the expenses, particularly for dropshippers, it is common to see a profit margin of anywhere between 15% to 60% depending on the product, the distributor, and shipping costs.


After we complete analysing the profitability of dropshipping in 2024, dropshipping is still a profitable business in this day and age. It all boils down to the strategy you pick, the research you conduct and the product you sell that will make the difference when it comes to making a healthy revenue stream.

While the initial research is important, you also need to have a website that the consumer will be inclined to make a sale on. This is where FuturByte comes in. We will create a fully customised online store for your dropshipping business. This store will have all the functionality you need to derive maximum profit and keep your customers returning to make more purchases. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Is dropshipping suitable for beginners with no prior business experience?

Yes, dropshipping is often recommended for beginners due to its low barrier to entry. With minimal upfront investment and simplified operations, it’s an accessible option for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Do I need to purchase inventory upfront in dropshipping?

No, one of the main advantages of dropshipping is that you don’t need to purchase inventory upfront. You only order products from suppliers after you’ve received orders from customers.

3. How do I find suppliers for my dropshipping store?

There are various ways to find suppliers, including researching online marketplaces, attending trade shows, and reaching out to manufacturers directly. Many dropshipping platforms also have built-in supplier networks.

What are the main costs associated with starting a dropshipping store?

The main costs typically include setting up an e-commerce website, marketing expenses, any fees associated with using dropshipping platforms or marketplaces, and customer acquisition costs.

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